Wasn't Charlie stronger than Ryu in SF Alpha?

I was playing SF Alpha last night, and I fought Charlie using Ryu. Canon-wise, during Alpha time, wasn’t Charlie stronger than Ryu?

Ryu only beat Sagat when he momentarily got Satsu no Hadou, and even then it was a fluke that he beat Sagat.

Charlie was a monster (canon-wise) in Alpha.

Hmmmm not sure. I think they were about equal.

Sagat/Guy > rest of SF cast.

Charlie is stronger than Guile.

Guile is stronger than Ryu (according to SFIIV)

Sagat is stronger than Ryu.

Just because someone is stronger than someone else, doesn’t necessarily mean that the strongest always wins.

I get what you’re saying, luck is involved but don’t relate to SFIIV for Canon stuff, that anime was totally inaccurate and presumably it was deliberate too.

Uh… doesn’t that automatically make Ryu stronger than Charlie?

No, as I mentioned, there was retrocon involved – the official storyline now goes that Sagat was helping Ryu up, then Ryu lets loose with the evil intent. Had this been the original storyline where Ryu justs rapes Sagat’s ass, then, yes, this would make Ryu stronger than Charlie.

Besides, Bass XO makes an excellent point in that just because someone is stronger it automatically means they win all the time.

The more I think about it, the more I believe that Charlie was stronger than Ryu.
Charlie had the chance to beat Bison (Vega) in hand to hand combat (or else he wouldn’t of done it in the first place, no one is intentionally stupid enough to challenge someone who is so far above them, power-wise)

Ryu OTOH, just worked hard, but he is nowhere nearly as powerful and experienced as he is later on in the series.

i’m even inclined to say that charlie was in fact stronger than sagat, since charlie took on STRONGER bison as endless said, and then we see sagat working for a weaker bison in sf2.
IMO charlie>sagat>ryu