WASP Knife makes you asplode

Hate to run across a guy with this shit

It injects compressed gas into the wound that then expands to the size of a basketball and also freezes everything directly around it.


bad way to die!

who thinks of this shit?

apparently people who need to kill sharks while diving lol.

pshh take it like a man and use your bare hands


Robbers: Alright everyone…chill!

Yeah I mean they claim it’s for hunting but the leap to humans is hopskotch away, especially for 3rd world militias and gangs.

lol nah why would someone buy this to use on people when a regular knife is cheaper and fucks your shit up enough

Coming soon, to a James Bond movie near you!

Anyone else curious to see what this could to do a human?

Maybe a poll would work here.

3rd world militias and gangs function on terror and fear, not mere practicality. A weapon like this could be used as a threat for insubordination or as a visible example of brutality to a poor landowner, to keep the rest of the people in their place.

Kind of like a miniature gunblade.

Coming soon: WASP Swords!


People need to evolve AT fields.

Goody… Just another weapon you’ve given the Joker.

I’d come up with a pun to go with it, but I’m not a psycho. :wonder:

So they’re sorta like those gizmos the divers tried to kill the monster with in Deep Star Six(except those fools only managed to kill one of their own). I really hate being able to say I’ve seen that movie btw.

Oh my god… I want this so bad