Wassup wit the sloppyness in sf comic?


I dunno if the artist don’t do clean line sor anything. I’m a nitpicker cause i lan to be an artist. But i notice random stray line sin the art…its very prevelent in issues 1 and 2 but shouldn’t the art be clean adn best to the artist ability. Why do we see stry non colored and inked lines in the comic?


First off, if you’re such a nitpicker, you would notice the horrible grammar and spelling in your post, so if you’re going to criticize others, don’t post grammatically awful posts like that.

Second, I like the art in the SF books. They’re better than a lot of other stuff out there.

And it’s a licensed property. Most companies will snap up a license and then proceed to throw out a horribly scripted, badly drawn piece of shit. (See Dreamwave’s Mega Man, the first Street Fighter comic from Malibu, etc…)

So, in closing: STFU.


My thoughts exactly… Your grammar sucks ass… And I’m sure your art follows the same traits.


Just because you don’t agree with what he says doesn’t mean you should launch an assault, chill people.

Well I’m happy with the art quality myself but then again I don’t read any other comics to compare…


Agree 100%.

I guess bashing his grammar is easier than actually adressing the issues he brought up.


bro issue 1 and 2 looks sweet. and if your an artist you should know that clean lines doesnt mean good work. my problem with the comic isnt clean lines but effort put in seems to be slipping.


well i can tell you for sure Jim lee isnt gonna draw some Street Fighter art anytime soon for hes with DC comics now. Thats why we have to stick with the artist we got for now days most artist cant draw as good as the old artist did. Just look at the marvel and DC comics. they all look like crap and nothing to see too. So be happy with what we got unless you want some unknown guy from marvel to draw the art for us:cool:


Arnold Tsang - Artist : penciller, colorist

Alvin Lee- Artist: penciller

Rob Ross- Artist: inker

Alan Tam- Artist: inker, backgrounds


My opinion on the art: I think it is easy to follow a majority and accurately portrays the SF chars at least most of the time. I would rather have them do SF than any image, marvel, DC , or any unknown artist do the art. Yes, I think the art can be better to some extent by not doing some rush jobs:D

I also think, Time_Stop has problems wanting to talk to people with different opinions. I PMed him/her (whichever it may be) and wanted to know in depth his thoughts because I was interested in what he/she had to say. I was put Time_stop’s ignore list since I can’t PM that user…:rolleyes: This SNK fool treats me like I am some sort of Capcom biased dude… I like SNK’s games except the KOF series 94-2002… Never played KOF 2003 before. Damn Neo geos! the price of those systems are ridiculuos!


I’m gonna go ignore the grammar people since i have english problems already.

As for the art, i love the art it’s just if you specifically look in issue one look at the ceiling. The fight between birdie and guile. They didn’t erase the lines created by the rulers between the lights. I’m not badmouthing the art. I love the art in the comic…it’s beatutiful. But i thought it was odd the pencils are still visible. Especially isnce it’s gone through photoshop and i think most people adjust the brightness and contrast so pencils don’t show.

As for udon it’s self, exect them to totally own dreamwave in a couple of years. They put out top quaility stuff unlike dreamwave. I think their makin a profit off of the licensing of street fighter already unlike dreamwave. With it’s insane number of licenses which cost them alot and they weren’t makin a profit till recently. They cna’t be making that much of a profit due tothe number of licenses they have out.


Is this true? I don’t read any American comics outside of the Street Fighter comic but I would’ve assumed that comic artists are better today than ten years ago. I definitely feel that today’s best anime/manga look much better than the old stuff.

Maybe it is because the comic market is shrinking and talent is going with it.


Re: Re: wassup wit the sloppyness in sf comic?

no the overall level of art today is definitely better. of course you got crap lke Frank Quitely and Igor Kordey.

not everyone can be Jim Lee, he’s just a legend.


Weird, I never even noticed that until you pointed it out, and at first glance I thought it was just tiling or something.

Anywho, that’s a pretty minor complaint, and I am curious as to where else he saw the unpenciled lines and scratchiness and what not.


Damn I hate when people do this. I’m sure that he likes the comic just fine but just wants to see some pages that he would consider a little more refined. I love udons work on most of the stuff they handle but c’mon man get off their jock, BBCambell. You don’t gotta get all over the man just for stating a concern or an opinion about the book. Without critiques there is no room for improvement.
I was a little dissapointed with some of the pages for the last book and previous issues as well. But I will continue to follow the series.


Re: Re: Re: wassup wit the sloppyness in sf comic?

Totally agree… Jim Lee’s a legend! One of a kind!


yeah i noticed that too but that doesn’t really bother me, reading the grammar error/typos in comics are annoying tho.

I love Udon’s coloring though.


what? Cam did a good job addressing the issue.

maxx got pwned!:cool:


Well, a lot of people did copy off his artwork back in the ninties, so that says a lot even though I wasn’t really a fan of his artwork.

I think the artists that we have today are good enough. I wouldn’t really like Jim Lee doing Street fighter seeing the way he draws Superman and Batma… Mabye, he would do a good job street fighter… Ya never know though.


not really.

Jets made a really good point though


You silly bastards.

Jim Lee copied Marc Silvestri’s work.

Silvestri > Lee. Always.

And the art in the SF comic fits perfectly; I wouldn’t change a thing.