Waste of flesh shirt $15 - Marvel vs Capcom 3 Collectors Special Edition - $79 obo


I have for sale the Limited Run Waste of Flesh shirt Size Large - $15 shipped in the usa, $25 world wide.


The mvc3 special edition for the 360 sealed with everything included for $79.99 shipped in the U.S. or best offer.

Next day shipping, first class or priority.


You mean the mvc3 SE? Is there another edition I don’t know about? I’m curious to understand where you came up with a price of $99.

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It’s rare and sold out almost everywhere

The SE Special Edition.

I basically bought a second one to resell later, $99 obo is the price. I can understand if someone would want to look for a better deal, but I’m open to offers and ship worldwide at cost.

i know we aren’t supposed to shit on peoples threads but you can still buy the special edition at the capcom store…

The 360 version is not available on the capcom store.

But thanks for that.

Price drops