Waste of money. "The Oatmeal's Tesla Fundraiser Pushes Past $1.1M"


i’ll try to keep it shorter then i usually do.

thats cool and all but all this to just basically build a tesla shrine that benefits humanity how? im a big fan of tesla, and i constantly blab about him, but this is a big dumb waste, and its a shame that if this fundraiser was for anything else, like helping middle class families put their teenagers through college, a tesla fundraiser to sponsor college students who could be the next teslas, or well i dont know, maybe giving that money to people who are already doing similar research who just need a big check to get some shit into production, it wouldnt have raised such a large amount.

what tesla stood for is more then just cool toys for humanity. he was seeking a world of free abundance, rather the scarcity. he was a man who literally followed his dreams to create his inventions. a man shunned by big corporations because his ideas made them no money, and a man who when he died had his lifes work confiscated by our government, never to be revealed to the public again.

its a shame this money just isnt going to a greater cause then buying teslas old property and building a museum on it. this yet another small example of why humanity is just so pathetic, because i just know for a fact if this was a, help 150 poor families and 150 middle class families through hard times fundraiser, it wouldnt have reached i believe it was 85 thousand in the first few hours, and the comments would probably be like, fuck those lazy bums im not donating shit, but hey, lets spend 2 million dollars on a tesla shrine. O_o

you want a tesla shrine, build one yourself. anything you could ever know about tesla is online, and the rest you wont know. i dont need a tesla museum to tell me anything new, and many “teslas” have come after him, unfortunately meeting the same brick walls, threats, and lack of funding that comes with the dream of free abundance over over priced scarcity. id rather see 2 million go towards the fight for what tesla and many others were and are standing for, then some plastic mold of him holding a beam ray or some shit.


I’d rather there be a Tesla shrine than some old bus monitor getting a half million dollar vacation, or for (insert random top SF player) to be able to attend Evo, or pretty much anything people have donated money to that is fighting game related

at least hes a good role model for future scientists and thinkers