Watch a live riot in Vancouver

They suck at hockey and now they are taking it out on their city.
2 and a half hours of rioting so far…


lol the extended vid on the right shows a better shot.


Kill people burn shit fuck school…

It was pretty crazy watching a live stomping of 10 viet guys on one dude on the ground

this is pathetic, way to go losers. -_-

Steve Nash says

Cops getting trashed


lol@ the bruins guy on the top of the car. hahaha


U.S cops whoop ass, kill people, electric shock, rubber bullets, and nightstick dat ass…

And that’s the bottomline…

If you hop on a police car in the U.S, somebody gotta die…

I been said…
[spoiler=]THEY ARE NOT TOUGH[/spoiler]
SMH at the anchorman having to explain what a flashbang is. An American urban youth knows the entire booking process at the age of 5.

lol shot…on…sight.

lol…i feel like their needs to be a boondocks episode on this shit. like riley sayin sum outlandish shit, “aww hell nah…thats not how you riot son. shoot the nigga in the black n yellow, why you just jumpin on that cop car…crip walk on dat shit”

That police force is soft. They get pushed more than Sanwa buttons.

The only ridiculous thing about this (even more ridiculous than the half-assed reason for this riot occurring) is that the cops haven’t tear-gassed yet. Just get a helicopter, drop it on 'em. Oh it burns, get a fire copter and hose their asses down. Ridiculous.

Vancouver’s got awesome crepes though.


Videos being uploaded left and right.

This fucking country.

Also, these aren’t protestors. They’re rioters.

lol wut are they protestin…having a horrible goalie? that nigga better go to protective custody.

Ricky=USA Citizen
White guy=Vancouver PD