Watch out for theft at EVO

A bit late as I meant to post this earlier.

Just a heads up on those that will be attending EVO2K9. Every year there seems to be stuff stolen like game consoles, cell phones, cameras and especially arcade sticks. I know it can be frantic and crazy most of the time but nothing can ruin the whole weekend then having something you paid a lot for get stolen.

Remember that while everyone comes to EVO for fun and the tourny you still have to remember these people are still strangers and anything can happen. You should watch your stuff and don’t leave anything unattended at all times. Don’t let anyone borrow anything. I know its tough to say “no you can’t borrow my stick or 360 or ps3” but really that’s how many things get stolen in the first place. So just man up and say no to borrowing.

Yeah I just saw somebody getting their sandwich stolen while watching the live stream. Watch out for that fool. First a sandwich, next a TE or a HRAP

not to mention ryan hart’s quesadilla

there’ll be non-gamers too. like people who go to festivals and concerts just to jack cars in the parking lot.