Watch Shirube 7! o_0

Watch Makoto played by J get a double perfect against Dudley and go on to win the tournament. Amazing playing - really inspiring IMO. :clap:

Uh…Oh yeah, the link’s here.

Anyone know if this tourny is hosted for download? Streaming sucks.

Best Makoto I’ve ever seen! :wow:


I have it on my hd, but can anyone explain simply how to make a torrent so I can seed it?

Edit: OK, I figured out how to do a torrent, thanks to a tutorial on, but to be honest, I don’t have high hopes for it working. Well, give it a try anyway. :slight_smile:
I also threw in two other Shirube parts and two more vids featuring high level Japanese use of Makoto.

Here’s the torrent, if it doesn’t work, I’m open to advice.

Edit 2: Here’s a direct download for just Shirube 2 part 7 (the one with the double perfects vs Dudley.)


All the matchs was awesome… anybody knows how it call the tournament???
Any others vids from it??

shirube 2 it was released last year thanks to eidran (sp)

There are parts 1-4 of Shirubi 2. I don’t have them yet, but when I do I’ll seed them. Should be quite soon.

Edit: By the way. Does anyone know how I can increase my upload for the above torrent. I seem to u/l at about 3 to 9kb/s, whereas other torrents that I am currently d/l are u/l at speeds of well over 25kb/s when I unlimit them (that’s over 25kb/s each, and there are 4 of them.) I’ve got them limited to the minimum (7.5kb/s) at the moment, in a vain attempt to speed up the Makoto u/l…

Of course, the Makoto Match seed is unlimited.

Wow! Whoever was Dudley was definitely ready to just give up. That’s one nice Makoto!

That’s Kokujin. The top Dudley player in Japan.
He was just having a really really bad day, lol.

I have seen this video. I saw it here