Watch this and don't laugh



It’s impossible not to.



That’s hilarious every time I see it. :rofl:

Whenever I see it, I think of [media=youtube]gqksdVLVyjg"[/media]:

“We weeble wobble, but we don’t fall down.”

…Except that she fails


^ Here is another one. Why is it so funny to see people crack up?



THIS is the real no laughing test: [media=youtube]9zzAjPMF-V8&feature=related[/media] :sweat:



I laughed.


I’m laughing and I haven’t even watched the videos yet.


The DC news anchors never did this kind of thing when I lived back in MD and watched their FUCKING CHANNEL.

BTW, I loled.


This made me laugh!!



This the original and still the best Watch and try not to laugh clip.



Too funny hahah


That is funny. I lawl’d. That’s the exact expression.

Them laughing doesn’t help. They are laughing HARD.


This one does make me laugh.


This thread made my day along with a snickers bar :rofl:


I just like how hardcore the ‘i didnt laugh’ commentators are.



There’s something about watching fat people fall…it just makes me laugh.


[media=youtube]_RgL2MKfWTo"[/media] This was pretty funny.


hahahahaha oh my goddd.


hahaha yeah, i laughed right after she fell. fail vids are always funny!


Managed them all, guess at 6am “you laugh you lose” is a hell of a lot easier!