"Watch Your Feet!" - The Labrys Thread

This is my first time creating a thread but I was beside myself that the girl Labrys didn’t have her own thread by now. She became my main the first time I picked her up and she’ll stay that way. Strategies, matchups, combos, tips…discuss :slight_smile:

Labrys Skill Moves

Challenges 1-29

Challenge 30


I’m using Naked Labrys as my sub since she’s a pretty fun character, I’m not sure what matchups are pretty bad with her since usually I end up playing against the same 2-3 characters online, when I use her but hopefully I can improve.

I’m having trouble using her 22[X] trap, is there any safe guarantee in a combo for it? I actually did her challenges up to 29, might have to re-visit it. It’s funny using her invincible SP and people going “WTF IS DIS” and then I blast them because they couldn’t jump on reaction lol.

You can use the trap after EX overhead for a combo, but it hurts you’re scaling so bad. Best way to use it is to cancel a sweep into and then mix up while holding it down. There’s other ways to combo into it in the corner and red axe ( 2B into it), but most of it is CH stuff.

That’s generally how I’ve been implementing her trap options, I’ll cancel from my sweeps. One of her trials teaches you how to combo into the trap but I haven’t used it in a live match. It either comes after a canceled sweep or if I’m trying to catch you out in the open when you’re being a little too random out there.

I was getting some surprisingly good mileage out of her unblockable super because people didnt know how to handle it initially. They opt to freak out and mash like crazy as opposed to simply jumping over her haha.

I main Labrys. She’s fun. It’s amazing how good her airB is at crossing people up.

Playing around in the lab I was able to combo into an A trap off of a canceled c.C. Cancel the crouching attack just after hit 2 into trap and if you can land an A and another on their way down and the trap can snag. Only problem is the timing and spacing seems pretty tight so I’m not quite sure how practical it is but now I’m determined to figure out how to land it 100%.

The mileage I get from sweep xx trap into throw is astounding.

Know what else is getting me absurd results? Meaty C off of either a sweep or guillotine. Like after an entire round of this, you’d think people would stop pushing buttons and just block. Once they eat that standing C, they’re free to another sweep setup since you can combo into it, or mix them up if they do block low completely, go for an all out or another kind of overhead. Honestly when they get hit by the C, get creative because you can sweep xx trap, sweep xx guillotine xx super, chain knuckle into follow up, or even C, 2C, DD if the spacing is right.

One trap setup I like to go for off that meaty C is sweep xx trap and throw out a guillotine. Your’e letting them off the hook by not directly following up after sweep, but a lot of people block low in this scenario so the guillotine will hit and the trap will catch.

So I got this game yesterday and tried out a few characters to see how they play. Could not really understand Labrys too well, however. Can anyone give me a short overview on what kind of a character she is, some of her best tools and strengths/weaknesses?

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Welcome to the game first of all.
Labrys kind of clicked for me when I first picked up the game so I’ll at least try to break down how I run her. You want to be inside, thats the goal. You’ve got some interesting methods to do that given she has traps she can lay one at a time in various spots of the stage, and her chain knuckle comes in great help for getting in and offering an immediate mixup if it connects, even on block. The B follow up is a sweep, while A is an overhead. Don’t abuse it because its easily whiff punishable but I like to throw it out there any time theyre just geting out of my range, or if they keep popping their persona out at random. Snipe that thing. Labrys has some awesome normals but they don’t generally come out fast except for her 2A which you can easily confirm 3x xx sweep. Her air B is insane, abuse. I use that thing for jump in mixups, maintaining pressure, and for fading away while still being dangerous because it covers fair ground and can slap incoming attacks. I’m not a heavy persona user unless I know it will come out or land clean, but she has some interesting long range attacks that can keep the opponent on their toes like C and her jumping D. Her A+B move 5thGenAxe can go from ok to awesome depending on your sense of when to throw it out given the slower start up. Same thing with her standing A pressure, the A has some start up to it so careful when you mash. Standing B is a solid mid range normal, I wish that and her 2B were armored given their start up and charge ability but now I’m just dreaming lol.

All in all when I play her I look to harass and capitalize on mistakes. Once I get my knockdown I start my ‘vortex’ pressure…sorry I’m an Ibuki player so maybe my terminology is running off. After knockdown as I mentioned above I like to go for standing C pressure since it reaches out and hits multiple times, you can clearly see what theyre doing. From there I just kind of have fun and experiment lol, go for sweeps, guillotines, traps, whatever. Once they do block or make it back out I’m basically fishing for another knock down. One thing I’ll say about Labrys, hell yes you can be aggressive, but be patient and mindful of your swings.

Also, it’s really easy to not learn Labrys’ extended combos because she already deals so much damage, but if you learn 5AA 66 5AA 2C as a combo starter in red axe, you can double your output. At early stages, you don’t need that much damage (it’s A LOT of damage) but later on, Labrys has issues with getting pushed out, so you have to capitalize on what you can.

Also, he jump arc makes j.B so ambiguous after a throw or sweep. I never thought I’d get so much use out of that, it’s literally a 50/50 based on the timing of the button.

Speaking of red axe, how does her axe leveling up work? Is it just the more you hit the opponent the stronger it gets? That seems a little counter-intuitive.

Is there a point to Breaking Wheel? I can see you can combo after it, but I imagine the scaling is pretty good.

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The only Breaking Wheel set ups I know come off a FC reversal, I need to mess with it more -_-

The wyay the axe level works is the more you use your axe (landing hits, blocked or not, or even whiffing moves) the higher in level it goes. The more you get beat up the more it goes down. Green is the neutral color, when you’re not doing anything it naturally moves to green. It’s a lot easier to think of it as a gauge for momentum more than anything. Labrys is just an extreme example of a momentum based character considering you have to keep it up to have all of her tools.

By having all her tools, do you mean that axe levels determine more than just damage output?
I can see what you mean by momentum though: j.B is great, rocket punch is self explanatory, there are the sweep setups you guys are talking about, and the traps help there too. Now I am more interested, because in a way she has a gauge that lets you know how well you are playing her (besides the health gauge >> ).

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More damage, hitstun, chip, and meter xD In Red Axe, all counter hits become fatal counters too, so you can do the 5AA 66 5AA 2C B+D loop for a definite Fatal Counter combo (the reversal when charged 100% is a counterhit). That loops hard, I’ve yet to actually use it online because the microdash is tight, but it deals SOOOO much damage.

EDIT: I forgot about the 2C loop in the corner in Red Axe.

Is there a reason you need to do the 5AA and 66 before another 5AA for the loop?
Well that is certainly a lot. I think I will just think of it as being perks to enjoy for a while, rather than learning additional setups with it. Glad to know there is a style to look forward to once I stop sucking.

Thanks for all the help.

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If you don’t do the 66 on most characters, they won’t get hit by the B+D

Any chance some of you guys could get some videos out? I have not seen her trap utilized in many videos, even by solid Labrys’, so I would love to see how it can be abused for profit after sweep (and can it be done after SB Guillotine?).

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After SB Guillotine, you can call trap and link 5A so that they’ll get caught by the trap. It’s useful for converting of an overhead.

After sweep, you have options of doing throw, cross up, high low etc. IAD over them is crazy good, you have to learn the timing so that it can hit cross up or not cross up. I’d upload videos, but I have no recording equipment -_-

So I have been learning my blockstrings with Labrys, nothing new to you guys, but I have some thoughts/questions regarding them:

Is c.A, c.A, sweepxxguillotine as safe as it looks?
c.A, c.A, sweepxxwinch punch seems to be a frametrap that counters any mashing that occurs after the sweep. Useful? I think my sf brain sees mashing after a sweep to be second nature but since they are cancellable in this game I am not too sure. Maybe I can get them to press buttons by doing other Sweep Shenanigans like throw first? It also works if you cancel winch after SB Guillotine.

Wow. No idea I could go into autocombo off of a sweep. Scales like a mother but good for noobs like me.

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