Watching country restricted media

Ok, so I want to catch up on a few episodes of lost so, i head over to and pick the episode i want and it doesnt load. It’s because I’m in Canada so I have a CA IP address that gets blocked. I head over to the canadian network that airs lost and they have screenshots from the previous episodes. Yeah. FUCKING screenshots. wth? Is there anyway around this other then using a http proxy (which doesnt even work really). Is the only option just to pirate this shit? Seriously?

And here is a good question for discussion. Why are they still placing all these borders on information in a enviroment that has no borders? its the WORLD WIDE WEB right? No, I guess its not. The dumb thing is that I can watch ABC with the rabbit ear tuner on my 20 year old tv.

I had a similar grievance when I imported a copy of Terminator 2 Extreme edition. Wishing to watch it in HD, I end up finding that it only works if you live in the US! Piece of crap licensing bullshit. I paid for it, I should be allowed to watch it! After a lot of frigging around and getting nowhere I didn’t bother anymore.

Dunno how you are going to get around it. Gives you the shits though - I don’t blame people that turn to the dark side. :wgrin: