Watchmen movie - Tales of the Black Freighter animated trailer released

I say first because the other ones were just set pics or test shots. This looks like the real deal. Taken from the official site via AICN.

EDIT: Character shots! Thanks, AG. Post 14

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EDIT: 1940s

Also, “Tales of the Black Freighter” is going to be an animated DVD to be released a week after Watchmen’s theatrical release.

…remind me when Rawshark burned a gunman in the book plz?

OMFG Rorschach:wow:

It’s from when he was

You really should have read this book by now.


set up for murder in Moloch’s apartment. The man on fire is a cop.


Ah thanks, I actually thought it was from that part of the story but just wanted to make sure :).

I wonder how fat Night Owl will look in the movie…

Good shit with this picture, I’m super hyped for this now.

stating for the record that I was pro-this movie when everyone else on this site was shitcanning it to high heaven

I believe Nite Owl is being redesigned significantly from the comics…Ozymandius too

The pictures have been neat so far, but I’m still maintaining that A. this film is going to be a significant step down from the comic, no matter how well they make it, and B. not every damn comic book has to be made into a movie.


I have to admit, despite my predisposition about the film, that the production looks pretty solid. At least, in spite of the bootleg quality footage.

That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life.

oh wow, that actually looks pretty good

Noooooo, can’t watch youtube at work :-(. Any mirrors?

Comedian looks great, Mrs. Jupiter’s OK, Ozy and Nite Owl look a lot different than they are in the book. Then again this is probably for when they were costumed vigilantes.

Thanks, AG! Here’s a link to a few bigger shots. The film supposedly comes out a year from yesterday.

I really don’t approve of Nite Owl and Ozy’s ‘Batman’-ish looks, I mean I don’t want them to wear colourful outfits or anything, but they seem to be made that way to appeal to the media :confused:

So did you ever watch that leaked footage once you got home?

nite owl revised looks gayer than in the books, the rest look good

I really, really hate that so many superhero movies involve plasticky-looking rubber suits. They look injection-molded, like they were custom-designed to lend themselves to toys and other collectible shit. I didn’t like it in Batman and I don’t like it here.

Actually… no. I completely forgot about it. Is it still up? I’ll have to remind myself to check it out when I get home again.