Watchmen Sequel "Possibility," "Impossibility," "Probability"

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Leave Watchmen as it is.

yeah, anything they do to try and continue the series is going to suck. Especially if Alan Moore isn’t involved.

alan moore is rolling in his grave.

No. No NOOOOOO… a million times NO!

Alan Moore is dead?

no he is not dead.

no no no no nonono nononono no no no nono nonono nononono

Don’t fucking do it. :mad:

:wtf: this cannot end well

This seriously better not happen. Nothing good can come from this.

Seriously this whole Watchmen thing should’ve stopped at the movie. Trying to continue it just fucks up everything that made the original story good.

Yeah the movie was pushin it, i really wouldn’t try an take it much further then that.

I say they should go for it!

All the people blown up by Ozy’s Manhatten bomb should come back as mini-Manhattens (their leader is called ‘Dr Michigan’).

Dr Manhatten should return to battle them all, ala Neo vs the Smiths (he rolls them up into a big bowling ball and throws them at mars)

Silk Spectre and Nite Owl are an S&M couple and moved to New Zealand.

Rorschach and the Comedian are seen in the afterlife, but they don’t know they are dead because they don’t believe in the afterlife, so Hollis Mason has to rescue them from Hell, like Robin WIlliams did in ‘What Dreams May Come’.



Not so bad…

The movie was horrible. I would rather see someone do an adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns.

I don’t see why some people thought the movie was horrible.

Movie was pretty good but there is no point to a sequel. This is a money grab and nothing more.

Whats wrong with the movie? I never read the comic but i thought the movie was good.

That’s funny, I just heard they were making ‘The Godfather: Part 4’ the other day. What are the chances?

Didn’t the 1st movie flop?