Watchmen: The End Is Night

I just got this last night from a friend via shared account and I think it’s really fun. You don’t find too many fun beat-
em ups anymore. Outside of The Warriors and Bully which were both Rockstar games, I think this is atleast worth a demo download. The combat system is extremely simple so don’t come around looking for Devil May Cry. I don’t know shit about Watchmen at all besides I might get my ass kicked if I call Night Owl Batman. Me and my friend play coop which is pretty good but I like single player. It’s really easy and has trophy support for the trophy whores like myself.

As far as it being worth $20, I don’t think so. Luckily my friend is heavy into comics so I could enjoy the game for free.
The Adventures of Q and Batman. There, I said it.

Tried the demo; it looked and played all right, but i thought it was kind of uninspired.

If you’re looking for decent beat 'em ups, the current gen has Marvel Ultimate Alliance, which is pretty decent, but i personally thought the PS2/XBOX generation Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks was the best beat 'em up since Streets of Rage 2. Also the best game with MK in the title since MKII, in my humble opinion.