Watercolor is Best Color


I love how thin and layered the colors look in water color.


What I found when I searched “manly watercolor” below. : P


Personal favorite. ^

Reminds me of Roy Batty from Blade Runner.



may i ask what exactly is the point of the thread?
to discuss watercolor versus other mediums of paint?
to voice any like/dislike of particular works in watercolor?
or to question which watercolor brands are best in quality?

get the primsacolor watercolor pencils, a really good sharpener that doesn’t cause the leads to constantly break, some artist quality watercolors that are still affordable…a few good sable brushes, oh and some nylon watercolor brushes for the really fine work, along with a dip pen with multiple nibs.
winsor and newton ink is good to do final touches…but the W&N shellac ink isn’t water solluable and wont mix with water or watercolors.
watercolor paper or just heavy grade paper that doesn’t warp when wet.
dont forget the masking fluid and rubber cement eraser.

you can get any watercolor color you can imagine in pencil or tube form from amazon, ebay, pearl paint,…but where i get my supplies from is www.dickblick.com since they pretty much have everything you can think of, want, need, etc…

lolol…and it ain’t a porn link neither.

bond paper works best for oil paint. damn near perfect but not for watercolor only coz it isn’t porous.


The point of this thread is:

Watercolors. :sunglasses:

It’s about the art form, period.

People can compare with other forms if they want, or any of the other things you mentioned in your post.


That bird is godlike. Awesome thread. I can’t do art for shit, but I’ll be a-watchin’ this thread. :tup:


Water colors are my favorite thing to paint with. I love how much freedom they allow you with blending and how that create that hazy ‘dream-like’ look.

One of my absolute favorite contemporary artists is Rebecca Guay and virtually all of her work is done in watercolor. She does a lot of fantasy art for card games like Magic the Gathering or roleplaying games.

Here’s a few of bits of her work:







Someone’s going to post an Alex Ross, so it might as well be me.


never knew Alex Ross did watercolors! I always assumed he worked in acrylics.


He primarily uses watercolors. I think I’ve seen him use oils for one piece, but I don’t remember what it was.

I think he’s a hell of a penciller as well, but you’d be hard-pressed to find evidence of it outside of art books.