Watercolors in Motion - The Amaterasu Video Thread

Post some videos of the sun goddess here to share with others.


Come on guys! Lets get some videos on here! We can’t let every other character show us up! This is amaterasu, the creator of all things good!

Doesn’t anybody have any links to j.wong playing her at his second wednesday night fight night tourney? We need some visual evidence to prove this is a legit character!

i’m surprised there wasn’t already a dog video thread

maybe nobody wants people to know how good their dog is, lol.


This is what I could think of offhand and knew where it was.

Stream Archives
Winter Brawl - Ammy play starts at ~1:24:XX
Some Other Tournament I Forgot The Name Of - Matches with Chris G
Team Khaos archives - matches with TanakaForce
WNF: Justin Wong vs Floe
Complete WNF - look for other Justin Wong / Floe matches
WNF 3/2 - Mike Ross vs Clockw0rk
WNF 3/2 - P. Gorath vs Clockw0rk

Combo Stuff

CES 2011 (pre-release)

Money Matches from Winter Brawl 5


Various Videos in the official topic already
Official Intro Video[media=youtube]tx2lEGYQbbw&feature=related[/media]

I’m sure there are a lot I’ve seen in the last few weeks that I’ve forgotten, but these are probably the best I know offhand.

Edit: Don’t know why I forgot about CES; it wasn’t that long ago.
Edit: Updated the post with some of the subsequent videos posted in this and other topics.

Nice post, thanks mumei

Holy shit, I think he posted every relevant ammy match. Heres my contribution [media=youtube]YPywdg0iiLc&feature=feedu[/media]


A scrubby casual, my Ammy is strongest.


Basic ammy stuff.


THIS vid is more fun. Looping thunder glaives, comboing off of counters, three lightning glaives midscreen…

More combos:


I think she definitely gains more from XF than her 20% damage bonus at Level 1 would lead one to believe because of the reduced damage scaling.

Video of the hitstun decay reset glitch to kill anyone with only two meters required.


Figured this out a few wks ago just late on posting. :stuck_out_tongue:


Figured this out a few wks ago just late on posting. :stuck_out_tongue:

hi , i found a glitch on chunli today…
you cannot connect the common starter combo : :m: :H: 6:H: :H: :H: :H: :H: …
le :H: after the 6:H: give you an interessant thing…


Excuse me if I’m not used to the whole notation thing yet. lol

I made 5 combo videos for Amaterasu using Solar Flare (switches to Thunder Edge if Divine Instruments is used).


I don’t know if anyone else has found an infinite yet, but here’s one for Amaterasu VS Zero:


That sucks to see.


I figure my first post is big enough as is, so here are more. I think Clockw0rk’s Ammy looked much better at this WNF. Love the counters and willingness to take more risks and trying the glaive out.

Battlefield Arcadia: The Return

Wednesday Night Fights 3/16
WNF 2.1: Combofiend vs Clockw0rk
WNF 2.1: GF EG Justin Wong Vs. Floe
WNF 2.1: Clockw0rk vs Ricky P (Part 2, 22:50)
WNF 2.1: Clockw0rk vs James (Part 2, 32:46)
WNF 2.1: Clockw0rk vs. Nerses (Part 3, 11:47)
[URL=“http://www.justin.tv/offcast/b/281724710”]WNF 2.1: Clockw0rk vs. Floe (Part 3, 36:02)

Final Round XIV
Too Lazy To Get Time Stamps For Good Matches Right Now Will Do Later

I was hella nervous and lost all sense of gameplan/combos, but here’s a tourney match from last week nonetheless:


At the very least, it shows the power of cross up ADF.A-A & ADF.C + multihit assist.

Nemo(Japanese player) has a very good Ammy.

MarlinPie vs Noel Brown [media=youtube]75Ef2mKzyCM&feature=feedu_more[/media] nothing really spectacular in terms of ammy but still some nice gameplay