Waterloo Campus Cove Arcade!

Yo im going to waterloo this coming september and i figured there was no threads for waterloo at all. is it that boring there? cmon man there must be some waterloo kids that visit shoryuken. if so, please post here.

I’m goin to WLU come september. Theres some good comp that go to Waterloo (g3nn for example) so you should be all right. Only problem is, i have no clue where they post, so I think it might be hard to get in touch with em.

lol well if you have no clue where they post then start posting here.

Well i know g3nn posts here from time to time, so hopefully he’ll find his way here. Not sure about the rest of the guys though.

What games do you play?

No one that plays at Waterloo’s cove posts on SRK anymore (other than me). We’ll see what the competition is like in September.

Hayvren, I’m like a 5 min walk from WLU and I have DC and arcade sticks.

no there is no comp in waterloo.

imma live on res in september
i play ggxxr cvs2 3s and gundamseed if there is.

Let’s see… we have… #r & 3s. cvs2 & seed are probably not coming to loo.

I’ll be at Cove now & then in Sept. Or we’ll play at Naren’s place. But Naren, your sticks still suck. :frowning:

i need my weekly intake of cvs2. guess i’ll be visiting orbit again.

I’ll swing by from time to time for sure then. My hotmail is: Hayvren@hotmail.com, add me up guys.

I don’t play much 3s, but if the cabs in good shape i’ll scrub it up on ocasion.

kenshin0010@hotmail.com here. im new to waterloo, moving in on the 4th

Anyone going to Cove tmr? I’m prolly going to be studying at SLC/playing at Cove in the afternoon.

why? u want to go own the first yr, so they never come back to cove again?

be there next weds. someone drop by


have no clue. i call ur cell when i get there?

Hello All,

Question for you fellas. I’m going to be in Kitchener over the weekend on business. So the closest spot for 3S action is “The Cove” at Waterloo University? What time is it open till? Is it open during the weekend?


Yeah, it’s open on weekends, and closes at 2am. It’s located in the basement of the Student Life Centre (SLC) @ UW.

Cove is pretty much the only palce in Kitchener/Waterlo with any sort of 3s competition. The only catch is that people may or may not be around because it’s a weekend, so you should tell people what time you’ll be there so they know there’s actually some reason to go to campus on a weekend.

Wow, I still have an account. T minus 2 weeks before this tread slides into the oblivion that is page 2.

Cool little spot (The Cove)

I was out there this past weekened and drove up to the university. I was worried becuase nobody was playing 3S when I arrived in the afternoon. I thought to myself “how can there be all these asian cats and none of them are playing”. Eventually, some folks started playing and I got a taste KW comp. I had a hard time with the sticks at first, but all went well.