Waterloo Fight On! March 6th, 2010


Street Fighter IV
64-man bracket: http://img33.imageshack.us/img33/993/fighton.jpg

1 Peter : $95.20
2 Wilson : $27.20
3 UltraCalvin : $13.60
4 KillaCam
5 Jeebus
5 PsychoChronic
7 Roddstar
7 Y2G
9 Teddy
9 Patrick
9 Karhol
9 JayWang
13 Tik-Tok
13 Bill307
13 Dana
13 ZoSo
17 Christian
17 Tim
17 Alexander
17 Alex
17 Danvan3000
17 Drekken
17 Ben
17 Rb_999
25 mtran66
25 Ian (Forfeited)
25 Akeio
25 David
25 AngelOfRage
25 Matt
25 Chris
25 Gary
33 El-Nilo
33 Leo

Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom
16-man bracket: http://img41.imageshack.us/i/fighton2.jpg/

1 Bill307 : $35.70
2 TitanD : $10.20
3 7:30 : $5.10
4 Javid
5 Grungy
5 PsychoChronic
7 Patrick
7 Yasanagi
9 PeterO
9 Jeremy
9 mtran66
9 Ian


What can I say…:woot:…Go Waterloo! Hahahaha. Now that that is out of the way, in all seriousness, this was a very fun tournament. I really enjoyed running it, and thanks to everyone for being so cooperative during the event. We had a late start due to equipment issues, but given that this was my first major tournament that I ran and it was over in 4 1/2 hours with 34 entrants…seriously, it was the players who made it run so smooth. Major thanks to everyone for making this event a success. While I should be salty after my performance cause I wanted to do better to hopefully reflect my improvement over the past little bit, losing to the 5th and 4th place finishers, coupled with how well Waterloo did, makes me nothing by happy about the way this tourney went. Now, the shout-outs of course…

POWNZ (Drekken): Obviously man, you are the number one reason this event was what it was. Your equipment and dedication to bring it was great, and myself and everyone in Waterloo couldn’t be more thankful. Your dedication to the fighting community is amazing. Thank-you greatly for providing all the equipment, and I hope you had a good time here.

Mississauga Crew: Teddy, Gerjay, Anant, JayWang…you guys were a lot of fun. I’m kind of salty over that first round lost Anant, it was soooo close! hahaha. You guys are great players (not like I needed to tell you that lol), but you are a blast to play with. Hope you guys come back another time, and thanks for taking the time to come out to our event

Peter: YEEAAAH! You kicked some major ass today man. You deserve it. Thanks for helping with set-up and everything too man.

Wilson: Same as with Peter, way to go man! Thanks for helping out too!

Ultra-Calvin: Awesome playing today. I don’t care what Sauga was saying, you belong to Waterloo for at least two more months hahaha.

Scott: Well earned victories knocking out some of Sauga’s finest. Out of everyone mentioned above, I think your placement in the tourney is the most epic. Amazing stuff.

Bill: Way to pwn in TvC man…holding down the fort for Waterloo. Sorry I missed your matches cause I was busy, but way to represent lol.

RXS: Yeah, weird I’m giving you a shout-out since you didn’t attend. However, I realized one thing today…running a tournament really messes up your head a bit, and the ability to focus on playing is basically thrown out the window. The fact that you consistently run these POWNZ events…incredible man. I definitely enjoyed myself, but there were times when I wish I could have at least practiced a bit before playing, or even just play some casuals afterwards (I got a few in, but not as much as I liked). Having to do that at all major tournaments…good stuff Vince.

That’s all for now, maybe some more later once I get some sleep.


Bill you animal, you deserved to win for sure! For all you guys that weren’t there, he cleaned up house by beating all 4 of us from Hamilton, to take the top spot.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt a clutch like I did facing Brett’s PTX. If only this game didn’t lag and we could play more often online. Gotta respect what youI don’t see on a day to day basis, and your PTX brought it.

Also, to the guys that organized this tournament, good job! Not only did everything go smoothly, but the place was nice and things moved on time(at least for TvsC they did don’t know about STHD and

rb_999(I think you were the guy in the blue shit, sorry I don’t know your real name), but for your first tournament, you did really good:tup:


Good stuff waterloo! Both SF4 and TVC.

Thx Pownz for everything that made the tourney run smoothly.

Even tho I was disappointed at myself for screwng up most of my fadc ultras today, I got what I wanted- Waterloo placing top 3. Actually more than what I asked for, with scott @4th.

Wilson- plays me too much and know all my shit lol. Has definitely improved alot. I bet if you dont choke, you can do extremely good in the next few Pownz tourney(and if you actually go).

Peter- Best abel I’ve seen. Definitely deserves this win. Very close games in the loser’s final with me. If only I didn’t miss all those ultra… results would’ve been different :wgrin:.

Scott- KillaCAM, need I say more? Kinda sucks that you have to play against me or wilson every tourney and get knocked out by us haha, otherwise if you work on ur execution and dont choke(like me) you can be very scary. For someone who hasn’t play you before, you will surely surprise them.

Rod- Good shit for knocking out Teddy from the winners AND losers bracket. Also thx for the ‘magic chair’. I gotta get one of those IF i decide to keep playing.

Sauga crew- Didn’t get a chance to play you guys in casual. Glad you guys came tho. Hopefully we can play some games when I come back to sauga once a while.

And thx Rob for running the tourney.

GGs to everyone else I’ve played.

The tourney was hype! Scott’s matches were more than entertaining. You reminded me of the day when I beat Mosh (The Undefeated, at least during his time. The person who defeated JS and got 1st in several tourneys. Hence the name MoskKiller lol) in a tourney match when everyone was watching and cheering, Oh good times. For some of us, thats probably the only reason why we join tourneys, pride and buddies cheering behind your back for you.

Keep it up Waterloo!


good shit for waterloo holding it down.

lol at sauga dropping it.


Great games to everybody. I’m amazed at how much leveling up Bill did to take out all of the Hamilton crew with Tekkaman Blade/Morrigan. Seriously, good shit.

Personal highlights:

PTX mirror match. Brett whiffs Gundam Super the first time, gets it to take the second game and then it all ends with a big Baroque from Javid for the finish.

Me vs. Javid when my Morrigan vanished from the screen after a Mega Crash from the PTX grab. It was… an interesting experience to say the least. Gotta learn how to fight giants a bit more effectively.

Really lacked matchup knowledge against 7:30’s team. Goddamn Roll and her very long sweep. Ken the Eagle’s pretty hard to catch too.

Since most tourneys got taped, I ended up taping some stuff from the Melty corner just to put up that yes, Canada does play some Melty and is pretty damn decent at it too. The stuff should be up on my channel by Sunday evening.


Good games everyone, funny how so many of the people are people i’ve played in Sauga over the years… calvin, alex, yuhin, mtran, wilson

I was dropping everything today, but somehow managed to scum out some wins. Shoutouts to Robbie for throwing a sonic boom into my ultra, and throwing a fun tournament.


ugh if i knew i could have won 95 dollars i would have went

oh wells congratz to waterloo even tho the waterloo title is still mine HAR HAR HAR

btw who is peter loofus?


ugh if i knew i could have won 95 dollars i would have went

oh wells congratz to waterloo even tho the waterloo title is still mine HAR HAR HAR


Hahahahaha…you’re a funny guy:rolleyes:

Loofus = Patrick. Peter is one amazing Abel player from Waterloo, very new to the scene (like 2 months).


Props to Rob for hosting what looked to be a great tournament. The scene needs great directors like you bud.

Another high level Abel? Hmm…


Yesterday was really fun.

It was good to actually meet Anant and Gerjay in person. You guys are lulz (and fray.)

I’m glad Waterloo had a good showing, everyone played very well.

Thanks to Rob for organizing everything and running the brackets, and thanks to POWNZ and Drekken for bringing all the equipment, we really appreciate all that you guys did, to make the tourney run smoothly.

Congratulations to Peter, you beasted so hard on these fools. I don’t feel so bad getting knocked into losers by you now. You definitely turned some heads and have got people talking about how good you are. People are going to be gunning for you next time.

Congratulations to Wilson, Calvin and Scott for representing, I watched you all engage in some epic matches with excellent players and you all held it down.

Sidenote, Rod did very well as well and I think may have lost his spot in the top 3 at the character select screen during a couple matches. (AKA STICK WITH SAGAT)

I’m also impressed with how both Bill and Johnny did, I saw great play from both of them and I’m not comfortable with them crowding me by placing the same as me. I’m gonna have to smack them down a little bit.



STHD side tournament results

1 JED07
2 Psychochronic
3 DanVan
4 Patrick
5 rb_999
6 Ian
7 Yasanagi

Good shit to Rob for running things smoothly and to Drekken for bringing all the gear.

Good shit to Psychochronic for helping run TVC and taking 5th in 4.

Shoutouts to the rest of the Waterloo gang, especially Bill307 for the entertaining finals. Aside from that Team Hamilton really beasted in TVC. That game is fun to watch. Lasers and shit.

Thanks to those who entered HDR. Arm twisting skills ftw!

Good to see all the other old faces from around the GTA as well.


Die sagat!


Good shit Waterloo for winning SF4 and TvC.

Thanks to Rob, POWNZ, and Drekken for organizing this tournament. Everything ran smoothly. Props to Drekken for taking the bus to Waterloo with all the equipment. :tup:

Peter - Good games, you are the best Abel I’ve seen so far. You figured me out in the grand finals. I should have stuck with Balrog till the end lol.

Calvin - Good games. lol yeah we play each other too much. I’m glad you came out of your retirement to join this tourney :tup:

Rod - Good shit man, you really surprised me with your performance. You definitely improved a lot since Heuther’s. Good shit beating Teddy in winner’s and loser’s lol even though you have a broken finger and you haven’t played SF4 for a month lololol.

Scott - Good shit beating Gerjay, Jay Wang, and Brett. You dropped a lot of combos but you managed to pull some clutch shit. lol you probably dropped your combos because you were hungover and shit lolol.

Bill - Good shit on winning TvC. That’s some clutch shit you did there. You beat the whole Hamilton team by yourself. Funny thing is that you don’t even have the game at home lololol.

I’m glad to see some new KW players at this event. You guys should definitely come out to our weekly casuals! We always welcome new players :slight_smile:


Oh man, so tired. Yesterday was nuts. My apologies to S-Blade, Kaaai, and B2 (and Yasanagi) for not getting a single game of MBAA in. :frowning: SF4 + TvC was too much. I hope you guys had some good matches with Francis and Madscientist.

Really glad to see Waterloo take top-4 in 4. A strong showing by Sauga as expected, tho. Glad you guys could come out.

Congrats again to Peter for being the first KW player to come 1st ahead of Wilson in SF4, ever.

It was great to get some TvC games with Issac, Brett, and TEAM HAMILTON who came with matching team jackets! That was pretty beast. Best combo awards go to Brett for his secret reset -> grab -> DHC combo, and to Javid for his 4-hit 30k Baroque combo that killed Brett’s PTX in about 2 seconds :wow:. That shit was EPIC. Hopefully we’ll all meet again at a future TvC tourney.

Lastly, big thanks to Drekken for bringing all that equipment by himself from Hamilton. Imo you and Rob were the real heroes of this tournament. :tup:


that was a definite factor, the ps2 pad is also a bitch to use…iu think im gonna use it on ps3 as well so i can get used to it


Right On,
Great Tournament yesterday. Was fun even being a spectator - unfortuantely I showed up late and wasn’t invovled :stuck_out_tongue:

Props to Mr. Black for getting the entire thing together - ran really smooth for a first tournament.

Also props to the Pownz and Chris, didn’t know you came in on a bus with that equipment - that is mad dedication and really appreciated.

I like it that Waterloo took it home and congrats.

I also loved seeing KillerCam do so well, I’m a cammy player myself and it’s good to see Cammy kick ass.

Really fun and hope to see some good ones in the future :slight_smile:



BTW, when your school semesters are up and all of you go back to your respective cities, where are the top 2/3 of you going?!

Stop betraying us already.


Waterloo loves sauga for lending us Wilson and Calvin :pray: lol