Waterloo ON- KWFighters 2v2 Feb 3, 2010


Game 1
8-man bracket

1 Team Grappler - Tik-Tok/Peter (Zangief/Abel)
2 Team Low-Tier - KillaCam/Rb_999 (Cammy/Guile)
3 Team Fireball - Rodstar/Mtran66 (Ryu/Akuma)
4 KY-Ant/Niggalas Cage (Ryu/Bison)
5 Terry/Johnny (Akuma/Chun-Li)
5 Bill307/IronSheik (Viper/Gen)
7 Leo7/Patrick (Chun-Li/Rufus)
7 WuTang/Ian (Ryu/Balrog)

Good games everyone. That grand finals lasted forever. I learned a lot playing tonight (damn I need to learn Guile’s anti-air timing better instead of it always getting stuffed). Never really played against Abel before, need to watch my boom distance against that one lol.


…wtf is this shit