Waterloo, ON SF4 Tourney, 20/01/10

Street FIghter IV
16-man bracket

1 Wilson
2 UltraCalvin
3 KillaCam
4 Bill307
5 Christian
5 Tim_Ryu
7 Terry
7 Johnny
9 Eklypze
9 rb_999
9 Tik-Tok
9 Vu
13 Wu-Tang
13 Leo7
13 Niggalas Cage

Let it be known that Wilson actually *lost *in the winners finals to UltraCalvin. (His first set loss to someone in KW, iirc.) But took both sets in the grand finals to win it all.

People are catching up… :nunchuck:

im coming for you wilson … cause im the best in waterloo lol