Waterloo, ON SFIV Tournament

Street Fighter IV
32-man bracket

1 Buddha
2 Chaos2D
3 Wilson
4 Rebelo
5 Salman
5 Patrick
7 KillaCam
7 Terry
9 mtran66
9 Leo
9 SacoJericho
9 Rb_999
13 Ian
13 Tik-Tok
13 Niggalas Cage
13 Eklypze
17 Christian
17 Vu
17 Bill307
17 Johnny

With only 1/5 of Waterloo’s best being represented tonight, it was stiff competition by the Sauga crowd. Congrats Danny on the win, your Seth is a monster. More shout-outs in the regional thread.

Match of the night: Wilson vs. Rebelo in loser’s semi-finals. Bill, I would ask that you post the link on this thread. It was epic!

Thanks to Sauga for coming out, as well as the new people from Conestoga. I hope to see more of you in the future.

I wish I didn’t have work tomorrow so that I could spend the day uploading those matches. :frowning: I’ve finished compressing the matches from last week, but only managed to upload 2 due to Youtube giving me errors. =/

Since I’m hosting tomorrow evening, hopefully I can bring my computer downstairs and work on the videos while watching / playing games. :bgrin:

hey ggs to all the people i play and good job waterloo never a disapointment casual. anytime u guys want wilson not to win anymore just call sauga down and we’ll take care of him. lol

see all you guys on saturday its ganna be hype tourney!