Waterloo's Evo Jam Fundraiser (July 29)

So as many of you know,a figurehead of the fighting game cmmunity, Mr. Andre Lambert aka Jago, has has had a few medical issues over the past few weeks. In order to help him in his time of need, we at Bison’s Autoshop will be holding a special event on Friday, July 29th in order to assist him.

July 29th

100 Lodge St.,
Lakeshore Motors
Waterloo, Ontario

Super SF4 AE (Xbox 360)
Marvel VS Capcom 3

Possibly some mk9 or other games should there be interest.

Doors open at 6pm

The standard $3 venue charge will be in effect, but it, and all proceeds from food and beverages (beer and otherwise), will be donated to Andre in an effort to help with his various medical expenses.

8 stations will be available for various games (mvc3, AE, MK9, etc) and the evolution stream will be displayed on a projector for everyone to watch and enjoy.
Money matches are encouraged.

Of course additional donations are welcome.

Hope to see everyone there (not you anant).

hahahahahaha, i might have to attend out of spite!

I’m looking for a ride to this event. Lemme know if anyone is driving, i’ll pitch for gas and stuff.

I swear I had nothing to do with this directly. It seems like my FYA attitude is spreading throughout the loo…

Great event guys, I’ll definitely be there to support.

Scott: I’ll be in Vegas but hit me up with a way I can get some monies to you otherwise.

Yo i cannot thank you guys enough, im sry to say but blatantly you will never know how much this means to me. i really dont know what to say but i have to find someway to repay the favor back to canada itself man and most importantly you all that supported me.

Definitely attending this. Plus I will come up with some other ways of raising money for this event.

As long as school doesn’t interfere, I’ll be there


During the course of this event, I will be hosting a mystery tournament.

Entry fee is $2.00. All proceeds will go to Jago Fund. Winner gets bragging rights.

Please post here if you would be interested in participating.

I’m down!

Me and Scott met Jago at SB5 very classy and cool dude. i’ll be coming to this for sure

If I’m not working, I’m there.

Hey, I’m still looking for a ride to this event. If I can tag along with someone that would be great. I’ll pitch for gas.

Hey does anyone have extra space in their car? I’m also in need of a ride :slight_smile: .
Ill pitch for gas or even ride bitch

I’ll be there with my mk9 stuff, hope to play some mk with some of you guys

btw there are Go buses and greyhounds that could be taken that drop you off at Waterloo university which is like a 15 min walk from bison autoshop
(just an alternative for guys who need rides)

Ya Winter warz, are you a Wu-Tang fan?

post updated

Vince and anyone else who wishes to donate that is unable to attend, YRSF has allowed us the use of their paypal account.
The email address is : yrssfiv@gmail.com
Just title the transfer as this event or something related to it so Hidey knows what its for.