WatGei.com SF4 Tourny At Lovegety Station 08/30/2008 Results

  1. YellowS4 (Sim/Gief/Sagat)
  2. Fadi (Gief/Ryu)
  3. Eric (Ryu)
  4. Andy (El Furete/Honda?)
  5. Noodleman (Abel)

did i mention that i suck at sf4?

Sim is too good.

Eric was 3rd

Andy was 4th

All hail the King of WatGei - YellowS4

ic, jay is the watgei king in canada

good job on the tourney jay, can you be my hero?

so i guess eddie lee bailed and never showed eh?

the game sucks so bad

How many people joined?

Gief Fighter 4.

Mythic is just grumpy b/c the teaser video for our youtube testings was him getting owned

11 iirc.



Fadi?? muscles?

and I cant believe you actually used Sim Jay. hahahahahha

The videos are being posted right now. Just keep refreshing every 10 minutes and there should be another video up, [media=youtube]QLAOVrLnjuA"[/media]

there should be up to 4 matches up right now

edit don’t forget to hit the highquality button :slight_smile: