WatGei.com SF4 Tourny At Lovegety Station 08/30/2008 Toronto Ontario

WatGei is starting a SF4 tournament at Lovegety on the 30th of August.

Address - Lovegety Station
505 Highway #7 East
Richmond Hill
Commerce Gate

Google Map

The mall south-west corner of HWY 7 and Commerce Valley Dr

Registration - Online or from 3pm-5pm on August 30th at Lovegety

Starts - 5pm

Registration Fee - $5

Prizes - 1st - 70% and SF4 Poster from Lovegety
2nd - 20%
3rd - 10%

Format - 2/3 Falls, Double Elimination, 3/5 Winners & Losers Finals, 4/7 Grand Finals

View our flyer here

For more information visit WatGei.com

Is there a pic of the poster?

Is the site really pronounced “What gay?”

Yes you used ‘a new warrior has entered the ring’

Lol AW.

Are these the posters.

No idea, ask the owner of lovegety hes the one who offered to give out the poster as a first place prize. I don’t even know what it looks like.

Yes it is… Some people suggested to use Wut Gei instead but its fine… if you still hav e trouble pronouncing it just find some chinese dude and ask him



this thread is probably going to be closed, not sure if you followed the format correctly.

Lol thx for informing me. I barely got any sleep these days setting up everything and all so i missed reading the general template and rules.

np, looks good now :slight_smile:

Hey guys im just gonna keep you updated on the people who currently joined if you guys are wondering

Ijneb (me)
Mathew Lam
Fadi Abou Nassar

I’ll be there.

Well i promised you guys a picture of the poster for first place and here it is.

Photobucket link

As for people have joined the tournament recently we have laurence, eddie lee, jason nelson! We also have these names listed but i believe it to be a prank, the name are Ricky Ortiz, Justin Wong and Jeff ACK.

Well if they are coming then, great! If not, Boo Hoo.

The tournament date is closing in… Hurry up and get yourself a spot!


fuck i NEED that poster.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This tournament is more hype than anyone ever imagined.

Me and a few others might and I mean MIGHT be there. As in mighty sonic boom bludgeonment if I come.

Yah i just got info that daigo is joining too… Jk lol

But yah we actually are getting a lot of people joining so its all good.

I just hope this time there will be some more skillfull matches instead of just fireball spam

If Eric’s Ryu doesn’t win this tourney he should just quit SFIV.

No pressure…