Wath is the best followup after a faar jump-in (like ofer Ryus Fireball)



imho after a Fircepunsh jumpin im using EX-Greenhand if possible since it will reach the enemy realy faar but im working on mp-lk-xx-ex-gh maybe a much easyer way would be c.lk xx exgreenhand (hitconfirm more likle) wath are you using after a faar jumpin?


I always keep things simple…my follow up of choice is usually c.jab of some favor, if they are outside of that range then I essentially empty jump and block/prepare to counter.

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If I jumped with fierce punch and see it’s gonna hit because Ryu threw a fireball, I just do cr. short xx ex hand.

Btw, I don’t get the writing style at this point Reaper. You’ve been on here reading and writing in English for half a year. You know how “what” is spelled, I am 100% certain of that. And it’s not like the German words for “over” and “far” are “ofer” and “faar” anyway. How’d you come up with those? I think it’s great that you’re trying to post in a non-native language, but at this point… come on dude, heh.


I actually throw out the st.lk because it has slightly farther reach than cr.lk into EXGH. But some times, I’m just too far. Perhaps st.HK will reach? I’m always afraid to try in case it didn’t hit. And Das Reaper’s Germanic is awesome. Ik libre ze Deutchland!


ok you got me :wink: but sometime this shit happens and i dont know whyfor real
of course i know its called " over and far" i should take my time because of my dyslexia and read more till those silly failures are resolved but im a bit lazy ^^

honestly i assume i will earlier beat Ryan Harts Sagat instead (and believe me i know what im talking about i fought him last weak and it was devastating for me?)

but i will take my time till those silly mistakes are reduced at least to a readable level. promised!


Reaper writing like this just isn’t the same.


Sometimes I mix it up. If I get in a j.hp (either hit or blocked), my opponent will usually block low anticipating the c.lk. So instead of c.lk, I’d go for jab spd. This works nice because next time you can catch them not blocking low and get in that c.lk into whatever.


If you’re at super max range and hit with j.fierce, st.LK will whiff. But if they’re standing you can tag them with a S. HK. Timing’s tight though, since the move is so slow.