Watsup, world. lookng to meet new ppl in the street fighter community

hey, wats up. i’m just a street fighter fan from new york city (whoo!) who’s looking to meet some new ppl. my psn is x3non6681, so if anyone wants to add, than go ahead, or post your own psn. also, if you’re from new york city as well, than that would be great, so that we can hang out at chinatown arcade. as games that i have, i only have psn, since my ps3 won’t read disks T_T. anyways, i have MvC2 and sstf2thd remix. so yea… hoping to meet new ppl

crap, i forgot this was my old id. current one is m3ntal_epilepsy

crap, i forgot this is the right thread. current one is locked… dood.