Wave Dashing in the Air?

can someone please explain to me how to do this it would be greatly appreciated

You can’t. I think you’re talking about tridashing while in Flight mode, which only characters like Storm, Doom, and Magneto can do.

He means P-link dashing.

Basically, get two attack buttons (let’s say, :m: and :h:) and you press the two in quick succession, repeatedly. I believe your input for a succesful plink dash should look like
:m::m::m::m: etc…

Keep in mind, you’re only pressing each button once. What the game does is kara-Cancel the very first few frames of your normal (2 frames i think) into a dash. So basically you’re going Dash xx Normal xx Dash xx Normal xx Dash, etc.

Let’s establish some facts about this topic.

  1. You’re talking about maneuvering in the air while in flight mode. (Storm, Mag, etc.)

  2. There are two ways to move about quickly in the air,

a. ADDF, ADUF, ADDF, ADUF (wave dashing in flight mode)

b. ADF X~ADF (P-link dashing in flight mode)

huh, interesting, so they call this Air wave-dashing? I dont plink dash, I do this, but I didn’t know this was called this air wave-dashing.

…um no. Wavedashing midair is a simple flight plus plink dash. The only characters that are capable of it outside of flight are Joe and chun iirc. Joe can plink dash forward and backward, chun can only go forward.

This stuff is in the guidebook.