Wave-dashing with Ryu

I just enter Dejin mode if i try to go too fast. But if I look at input data, its not showing me pressing down twice before my dash. I don’t have any stick problems do I?

It’s the input buffering (leniency) screwing you. You’ll just have to practice the exact timing to wavedash with him now.

Use :db: or :df: to wavedash instead of just :d:, you could also learn plink dashing.

this. Just learn to rapidly move the stick from :f: to :df: and press the attack buttons at the right time. It’s really not that big of a deal once you got that timing down.

I must be a real baddie because i’m having the worst time learning this. tried plink dashing, thats hard but getting ok results. ~ using DF is also still getting me Denjin, though its better then trying w/ down.

any more suggestions would be appreciated ~~~

Here’s a MUCH easier way, press the two buttons first then press down. Also, when you follow up with the donkey kick mid screen use the H version as IMO it gives you more time to wave dash in. Note it should only take you 2 full wavedashes to get in using the H version.