Wavebird with Saturn controller adapter

I’ve got a huge supply of homebrew and Virtual Console games on my Wii, so I’ve been trying to hack one of my Wavebirds to plug into a Saturn controller, which is a much better pad for playing old-school platformers. I already had a Saturn pad that I modified by replacing the old cable with a DB15, so this has been a pretty easy project of soldering DB15 wires to the buttons.

I’m ALMOST finished–everything is working now, except the A button. Worse, I can’t figure out why the hell it’s not working. I’ve resoldered the connection four times already, and even tried soldering the wire to the top half, which I thought was the ground. Nothing seems to work. Could the Wavebird’s A button demand a separate ground? So far, every other button has worked with the common ground, though. Is there another point I can solder to? I’m running out of ideas here, and I’m completely out of easy-to-implement ideas, too. Does anyone know what my problem could be? I’m not sure what else I can test, either.

Here are some pictures of the project–the last couple are close-ups of the A button joint, which looks fine to me.




edit: The button DOES work when I bridge the connection manually, and the Saturn pad’s A button works fine when I plug it into my 360 adapter, so I know it’s not a problem with either PCB.

Welp, thanks for all the (no) help. :slight_smile: I managed to do enough troubleshooting to figure out the problem–The white wire wasn’t carrying a signal properly for some reason. I spliced a spare bit of wire to it and it finally started working! That was driving me crazy–why the fuck was everything else working perfectly and not the A button?

Project is pretty cool, though. The Wavebird is still fully functional, and I just got in some Super R-Type with my Saturn controller, which is now compatible with both Wii and XBox 360!

By the way, if anyone finds this post trying to do a similar hack, you can pretty much see all the solder points in my first couple photos. The solder point for the Z-trigger is underneath–the third spot from the left where the button is soldered to the board. I don’t think you can see where I wired the ground, but there’s a huge spot with a label on the PCB.

edit: Okay, this is bugging me. On my Saturn pad, both my L and R triggers are wired to the Z-trigger, and Z and C are wired to the GCs L and R triggers. Should I just put the Z-trigger on Z and C and just make the L and R triggers match up on both pads?

Glad you got it sorted. I checked the pictures when you first posted and the soldering looked fine. The concept is definitely cool.

Thanks! I meant to post a link to your Saturn mod tutorial, which is obviously where my controller comes from, but I couldn’t find the link. Soldering to the Wavebird was a lot easier than to the Saturn pad–the buttons are a lot less sensitive to extra bits of wire laying around.

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glad you got it working but tech talk has exploded lately and not every question can be answered.

I edited it slightly. :slight_smile:

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