first wavedashing, now waveBOUNCING?


there is also shield dashing with samus…

It’s Called Zero Nine Teen Ing

thats fucking cool.

That is really cool That’s going to make boomerangs crazy.

hmm…wonder if ZSS can do this with her forward B whip. That means the whip would move with the character. That could be pretty poweful. I’ll go try it out.

I’m practicing that marth wave bounce.

Holy shit, that’s crazy. You can totally do backflips over people’s head like ZSS’s Down B with this. Just run towards the opponent then hit the C-Stick in the opposite direction, looks cool as hell.

Fucking great! Now I can use this with Game and Watch’s Side B and Up B. I don’t have a G-cube controller but it should work with the classic.

I’m borrowing a friends wave bird. I need to get gc controller.


Oh shit…


Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don’t let the samus users hear you.

Crap! I’ve doomed us all!

Don’t worry DeDeDe got this :wink:

So wait, I just tried this shit and it didn’t work. Is it JUST mapping the B moves to the stick? Cuz that’s what I did and it’s not doing anything.

did you make a player profile?

works fine for me.

Yeah, I did, but it isn’t doing anything.

I think I might be just doing it wrong. What, exactly are the inputs? Is it just jump and press the C-Stick?

You have to dash then jump.

Isn’t this kinda stupid because he is changing the controls?

So everyone who is going to want to do this is going to have to change the controls to allow them to do so.

If anything is going to be banned, this is going to be it.

“Hold on, let me change the controls so I can do moves easier”