Wavedashing backwards in UMVC3?

For wavedashing forwards im hitting 2 buttons, down, 2 buttons, down. I have it pretty fast and consistent nowadays.

I’m wondering how people wavedash backwards though? I’ve tried back+2buttons, down but it seems like it sets off random qcb supers easily. back, back, down just seems crazy and I see people doing it really fast. How is it done?

For wavedashing back I use :b:+:atk:~:atk: plinks. They cover more distance than standard wavedashing. According to the UMVC3 bible, you can plink :b:+:h:~:m: to option select throw if you make contact as you’re fleeing.

A Hitbox.


In MvC3 it is possible to kara cancel a normal into a dash. You can cancel a dash into a normal, and a kara cancel a normal back into a dash, and repeat the cycle as desired. This is technically faster than regular wavedashing because you can kara cancel much faster than you can crouch cancel.

Do it the way CSword has it listed.

If you’re not a big fan of plinking or don’t have much experience in doing it from SF4, you can do this:

:b:+:m::h:, :d:, :b::b:

Of course you’re only going to get two backdashes this way, but it’s very rare that you ever need to do more than that.

:b:+:atk::atk:, :db:, :b:+:atk::atk:, :db:

This is the method I use and it is very easy to do on Japanese sticks with the stock square restrictor. At no point do I let go of back and input down on its own as that would cause an unintentional QCB.

This is working perfectly, cheers :slight_smile: