Wavedashing in MvC3


Alright, I searched the forums and didn’t really find anything about this.

So I know that you can wavedash in MvC3 by hitting two attack buttons and then canceling by hitting down. That being said, I have seen people wave dash very fast and when I listen to their stick I do not hear the stick going down.

Is there a special way to wavedash that makes it faster and easier than hitting “Atk+Atk, Down, Atk+Atk, Down, Atk+Atk, Down, Atk+Atk, Down”?


If you piano all three attack buttons very rapidly, and do that over and over, you can move faster than wavedashing. I’ve heard that what happens is the first button you push starts a normal, but then you kara-cancel the normal into a dash; then, when you piano again, you cancel your dash into a normal with the first button, and the process repeats. I would theorize that you could move as quickly with the wavedashing method if you could time the crouches perfectly, but why bother when you can just piano the buttons instead?

This method also slightly speeds up characters with uncancellable dashes for some reason. If you just mash forward with Hulk, then compare it to piano-ing the attack buttons, he can do a second dash substantially earlier the latter way. This doesn’t really have any use outside of specific combos though.


You dash, you stop the dash with a normal you cancel the normal into another dash.