Wavedashing in UMvC3 with Wolverine, Ryu etc

How do I wavedash without using Berserker’s Charge or Denjin mode? It’s really annoying to wavedash with Ryu and Wolverine… I’ve seen good players wavedash flawlessly with Wolverine, though, so I was wondering how they did it.

Use d/f

PP, d/f, PP, d/f etc.

and back… B+PP, d/b, etc.

Yeah, I already tried doing that but it still keeps coming out. I just saw a video on youtube about plink dashing, and it seems to be the way to go with a lot of other characters as well, but I cannot do it at all lol

Then unless you figure out how to do one or the other method, looks like you’re SOL, huh? Just practice…

Delaying your wave dash also helps… meaning, go to neutral and let him do his dash for a second… and go back to down…

Plink dashing is situationally better than Wavedashing.

Plink :h:, :atk:+:atk:.

This makes it impossible to get buff super.