Wavedashing TIP

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Wavedashing lets talk about it…

How to wavedash in tvc its is preformed by canceling you jump animation before it comes out with a dash. Input is 669 ,6696, or 663.

Wavedashing for most of the cast isn’t very useful but for a elite few its a killer.

Yatter1: Kbeast showed how dangerous wavedashing is for Yatter1 using his dash for fast rush down. Yatter Dp is so fast to see combine that with wavedash its hard for you opponent to see your attack.
Kbeast You can talk on this corrected me if I’m wrong.

Polimar: His wavedash is really good for him. he lacks projectiles so he can’t fight zoner that well, but sinnce he has a fast wavedash he doesn’t need projectile to aid him. His wavedash mixed with his command dodge can lead to a very fast mixup from full screen.
Royal I’ll leave the rest to you. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Souki: Not sure on this but I think I’ve seen llnd do wavedash to throws probably just a dash I’ll let him talk on this.

Yatter2: She has a good one but I’ll let a better yatter2 player talk on this.

I’m laying down the base for most of thread. I’ll leave the reset to everyone else.

Input is 669, but some people find it easier with 6696 or 6693, see what works for you. It’s all about timing.

You only need to input 669. Most characters cover the entire screen with that motion.

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wavedashing helpts out ptx a LOT like anyone (almost) can run away from ptx and make th ematch hard, this wavedash help out with him catching people and making the match that muh closer.

I tried to learn wavedashing for about two hours but no matter how fast, how slow or whatever combination of directions I chose I could not get it. I figure if it’s that difficult to implement I might as well pass it over.

i still cant do it on command. i dont even bother. i have noticed that i do it on accident a few times each day now with joe. i think i might be learning it on accident.

I also forgo the wavedash. Tried it in training for a while with a little success, but nowhere near reliable. I’d try it more if I was really great at the game, but there’s plenty of other stuff to practice that’s more important. Very low on the list of priorities.

I find it easy to do with 66 69 as the input. It’s not hard to do on a stick imo, but I can’t get it to work on the CC.

Luckily the timing is the same for most characters, but I find myself jumping sometimes when I use Roll or PTX


Testing wavedash with Yatteman1

f on F1, f on F3. This is consistent for all the sketches.

f,f,f on F5 does a dash

f,f,uf on F4 or 5 does a dash

f,f,uf on F6 or 7 does a jump

f,f,u on F4-7 does a dash

f,f,u on F8 does an upjump

f,f,uf on F6, f on F8 does a dash

f,f,uf on F6, f on F9 does a forward jump

noodall those aren’t washdashes lol I don’t think your Hotkey dashes are fast enough to do the wavedash.

Not fast enough? How could they be done any faster without overlapping commands?

Also, I’m guessing people worked it out, but F1 stands for frame 1.

And this wasn’t done through emulator/hotkeys, this is on wii with a programmable stick.

Just wanted to say that this is 100% true. When I played your ptx, the additional chase speed made that matchup about 700% scarier. If you’re a ptx player, learning the wavedash is absolutely worth your time.

ok, well, here it from me, this way involves LESS wrist movement, plus u get the initial dash on the FIRST frame rather than waiting for the 2nd forward input…
this is in the 1st Player position:

ABC~6 > 9

When i try to tip people on how to do it, i tell them to input the dash then consecutively press forward afterwards(almost immediately).
When hitting the up-forward portion, i tell people to hit the direction but try NOT to hit the corner gate of the stick (this is presuming you’re using a joystick for play) cuz hitting up-forward for too long will lead for you to jump instead, so u need to get back to neutral faster to avoid it.

I have alot of uses for the dash, but here’s a couple that I use specifically for my team:
Y-1: on the ground u can full screen kendama snap>bq>waveash in(hit confirm)follow-up with a combo
Batsu: certain occasions(sometimes after u MC the opponent away) I do qcf+C>bq>wavedash in and bait an attack

Can someone post a video of it? And a comparison to a normal dash would be great. I tried the above method, and only got this [media=youtube]6D5nQBmoZ78[/media]

ill post a video of it as soon as i can get my easy cap setup again…
Also, i forgot to mention, that the input for the 9 is very lenient when you do the ABC~6. You can actually take your time inputting 9 cuz the window for it is rather big, giving you more time to concentrate on not hitting the corner gate of your stick (not saying that you have to be slow doing it, it’s just that you don’t have to ~9)

Still waiting for that video a month on.

Oh you were using a program wii stick…the video you gave had you doing the wavedash inputs slow and the glitch wasn’t being executed.

TvC Wavedash investigation.wmv

There are criticisms you can make of the test, but slow is not one of them. Consider the f,f,f trial.

As it is, f,f,f does f on F1, f on F3, and f on F5.

If you press it any faster than that, it just becomes a held input across two frames, f,F or F,f. If you insist it is slow, explain how it could be done faster.

Feel free to look at the WMV linked above prior to upload to youtube. You will see that on each frame (it’s a 30fps video) a new inputs appears.

Again, the inputs cannot be any faster without overlapping and become a different command.