Waveing,Plinking, Are you Free? Spacing game... (Zero)


Never thought I’d be posting her on SRK, I have always lurked but now that I am ranking up in UMVC3 I have noticed a lot of different styles of movement, zoning and overall pressure.

I have a stick, but usually when I play UMVC3 I am on a pad. I use the 360 Controller and my teams usually run Zero/Trish/Strider or Zero/Vergil/X-23. I am a 5th lord and I have been starting to search for ranked and player matches without the “same level” requirement.

Being a pad user my controller is usually set to using the LT and RT as assist since I use LB and Light and RB as M+H ( for wave dashing at times )

I recently read S.Kill’s article on Controlling Spaceand found it to be a game changer when thinking about how I play Zero since I normally attack from the air with a dive/charged shot/lightning.

The thing that is driving me up the fucking wall is these amazingly fast plink/wave dashers… Sometimes it is as if they are moving so fast they pass through me. But the worst part is that command option where they grab me if I am in the air doing an attack or if they are just too close to me.

This happens mostly with Task,Wesker, and Nova. Each of them can OTG combo or OTG into a super that usually can kill zero with a single bar or two (even without X factor, and its worse if they do X factor)

I started air dashing more with zeros command dash and throwing out attacks just to make it appear as if I was going to go in a specific direction, only to drop down to confirm a hit. It made things a lot better… but that is if I don’t get air grabbed first…

My question is… Is plinking and wave dashing safe? Do most people use a turbo controller to help them to grab or something? Also when exactly are you open during the starting frames of a jump? Sometimes Ill be holding back and I try to jump in the air, and I instantly get hit before I leave the ground…

Secondly the majority of my losses now are all from being confirmed off a grab. Or if I advance guard from pressure only to press it a single extra time or something which makes me dash or attack and the player confirms off my wiff.


yes because they can be canceled to crouch block or jump block at any time.

Only if they’re cheating retards.

during the first 4 frames you are vulnerable to lows.

You might want to see videos of Mihe, Richard Nguyen, KillerKai and other Zeros to see how they move across the screen.


Are you also open during landings? When you are falling from the air?

Secondly, what is the best way to avoid being grabbed? Would pressing M+H and H in an alternating fashion help me get breakaways? Cause getting killed from a OTG after being air grabbed is what is killing my zero, and also since strider also has low health ( in fact my whole team is lower health ) these combos off air grabs are really messing me up.

I may not have the best execution but not letting them in is almost half the battle IMO


Not letting them in is the full battle. Marvel3 is about not getting hit because if you do, your character is dead, and the next one is in a baaaad situation.

Anyway, I believe there is trip guard in this game, so you’re vulnerable for 2 frames after landing, if you did an attack mid-air (correct me if I’m wrong, please.)
The best way to avoid being grabbed is just to get used to the situations where an air grab would come and be ready to tech. I also get a lot of techs while trying to air throw them myself, when in a defensive position.

There’s also the OS’s (Option selects) like doing df+H with trish to get a divekick/throw os. Same for X-23.