Wavs and sounds to mod Windows (or anything else)

I wasn’t sure in which section I should open this thread actually, I found one about SF sounds in the SF forums, but nothing on general wav files.

I was actually looking for stuff along the lines of wavs from Mass Effect when you enter and leave the Normandy to mod the login/logout sounds in Windows 7 Theme (I totally love the voice of the Normandy’s AI!):

“Logged: The commanding officer is aboard. XO Presley stands relieved.”


“Logged: the commanding officer is ashore. XO Presley has the deck.”

(Sorry for the geekness of this… :xeye:)

…It’s been a while I am googling for this, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere, this is what gave me the idea of this thread.

  1. Does anyone have these or knows a site where I could get these?
  2. If not, are there any cool Cyber-female voiced quotes around I could mod my Windows theme with?
  3. Any suggestions of funny/geeky windows sounds mods? Which quotes/sounds are you guys using?
  4. Post anything else about wavs, movie quotes, anime shit, game stuff, any coll sites to get sound effects and quotes in wav format etc…


here’s my current windows custom sounds. Looking for others to replace some of them tho

I used to have the Charlie Brown theme(why didn’t they give the only black kid a line, give a nigga a sentence please:rofl:)… not anymore tho…