Waxing and Waning of 3s popularity in USA?

I had some questions about the popularity of 3s in USA,
I’m not a high level/tourney player so bear w/ me.

When 3s came out initially, it seemed to get overshadowed by a3 or whatever, .then was neglected in favor of mvc2/cvs2. Then i guess the daigo/wong parry upset encouraged peeps to get int to the game and the scene more.

Then for some reason before a couple of years give or take, 3s is placed into the shitpile b/c of

a) brokennness of chun/yun etc?
b) it had run its course
c) There never was a resurgence of 3s popularity, it just seemed like it.
d) Not having a good port on home consoles meant the scene couldnt really grow
e) other?

Can some tourney/high level player explain what is the accurate answer, or what im forgetting to take into account?


I would say the lack of ports really. It seems either local matches or 2DF/GGPO is really the only way. 2DF is kinda laggy for me, and I have yet to test GGPO yet.

I doubt it’s run its course, each SF game seems to have its niche with certain players.

There has been a good port for 3s since 04.

I’m betting on 3s:HDR within a year or two. And it’ll be awesome.

I’m trying to jump into the 3s party 10 years late. I’ve played it only a dozen times or so but I really like it.

ps2 version feels wonky to me.

Also, its pretty obvious that it’s being overshadowed by SFIV because it’s new. I think a re-release like with Mvc2 could give it some life.

3S was doing great in the Bay Area until Fall, when we started getting SF4 in our arcades, so people jumped onto that instead.

Game never attracted a lot of the oldschool ST players as much as even A2. Also, as much as people complain about SF4, it’s never received the hatred 3s got from some areas.

On top of that, SF4 did expand the base and brought a lot of people back in fighters, or into fighters for the first time. 3s didn’t really do that.

So I’d argue a) for some people b) for more

Lack of a good port + bad advertising + flooded market + hardcore SF2 turning away (characters, system, balance) + a lot of other factors = Sine curve that is 3s’s life.

IB4 3s is garbage/shit/you suck and so does 3s

I mean honestly I didn’t even know there was a SF3 on Dreamcast. There was maybe 1 advertisement? and I was all about the DC. On top of that, it wasn’t even on it’s native platform (DC was NAOMI based, not CPS3).

It took me seeing the game at an anime convention in like 05 or 06 to seek it out in the form of SFAC. However I knew about Alpha forever and saw tons of ads for Alpha 2 and 3 for years, same with all the Marvel games. Only ever saw 1 ad for 3s.

Because a lot of the Americans are unable to use parry properly. In addition, they don’t like it when their linear, one dimensional gameplay gets countered by parry because they were too predictable, and then have the nerve to pass it off as a “random guess parry” in frustration.

Not all of us run on complex algorithms. It is a fun game, but was never as accessible as sf2 or sf4, hence why we gots the numbers we do.

Both of you pretty much summed it up. A majority of American gamers did not want to admit that SF3 wasn’t random but rather they did not want to dive deep enough into it. SF2 was more accessible to them and were startled at how much parrying changed street fighter in general. But honestly America has good SF3 players no doubt, but the people who didn’t play it and wrote it off as random just really didn’t play it enough.

Eventhough Emil was a little harsh I honestly feel he’s keepin it real here. :xeye:

It’s more than likely the age of the game. People who would make it popular are sticking to their same circles, newbs don’t know about it cuz it’s old and they missed it (or it missed THEM), ain’t no arcade cabs anywhere cept freakin’ chinatowns, and no highly publicized re-releases.

so you’ve never guess parried anyone ever?

its 50\50 for a guess. Thats hella good odds to get something right EVENTUALLY.

Outside of a few things in 3s, I still think its a good game. Could of have been much better though imo.

a) brokennness of chun/yun etc?

  • Yun and Chun arent broken, they are the top 2 but they dont break the game.

b) it had run its course

  • Its 10 years old of course its run its course just any other old game. Doesn’t mean it will die out completely. Theres still a strong following in Cali and Texas. It wont ever have the popularity of 2004 3S or even come close. Even if it was released on PSN and Live arcade.

c) There never was a resurgence of 3s popularity, it just seemed like it.
Daigo parry vid and the PS2 port injected a whole new crop of players into the scene.

d) Not having a good port on home consoles meant the scene couldnt really grow
PS2 and XBOX port helped the scene grow immensely. It was slightly faster than arcade but good enough to be tourney worthy and was version A.

e) other?

Lack of continuous high level play and location.

Pretty much, Emil and nmbr1krush.

Of course the game gets frustrating, but name a fighting game that doesn’t. A lot of people want to blame losing on the game rather than themselves so they just go copy and paste a shitload of text from something that either Sirlin or Viscant wrote.

And I’d rather play on emulator instead of console.

That sounds about right…


They aren’t broken but look at how many Chuns and Yuns there are from the top 8 of EVO the last couple of years…

Yeah it was already said Yun and Chun are top 2, easy.

Broken would mean unbeatable. Watch any long Japanese tournaments, you will see any character able to beat either of those two. Kuroda fucking OCV’d three teams in a row at SBO this year with Q, including Nuki’s team. Not broken.

And EVO isn’t a really good benchmark for 3s history because Japanese players have been far ahead of the U.S. regardless.

Sorry but ‘random guess parry’ is low risk/high reward. Guessing is in every fighting game, even at high level play.


Let us know when you get that Japanese blood transfusion.

Topic is about 3S in the U.S. and not Japan. Hence why I brought up how Chun and Yun dominate top 8 at EVO.

And for every Kuroda, Hayao, Pierrot, or whoever, there are a dozen Yun and Chun and Ken and Dudley players representing higher tier characters in Japan.