Waxy PS3 720p on Panasonic ST50

Hey, I was wondering if anybody had any solutions to this problem. I have a 50 inch ST50 show up yesterday and I just started messing with it. Everything seemed fine until I put in Tekken Tag 2 and got to the character select screen. All of the portraits looked blurry, when I pulled up the XMB I noticed the effect was there too. I exited the game and everything looked fine again. I tried a few other games and videos and the TV seems to play 1080i and 1080p fine but if I put in any game 720p or below (haven’t tried PS2 games yet) the blur effect is there. Since most PS3 games are 720p this presents a problem. It isn’t as noticeable from a “proper” viewing distance but I set close to the set so it’s a major eyesore.

I looked online but all could find was one guy jumping all over posting about it. While a few people said they noticed it too pretty much everyone else called the guy a liar or claimed his set was a fluke. So, I took my chances a bought the set since people were singing it’s praises. And this is what I got…

Here is a close up of the character select screen. Notice Angels blurry face:


For comparison here is my PSN Avatar in 1080p:


This is what it looks like in 720p:

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Pretty sure the problem comes through in those pics. So, anything thoughts? My receiver is a Sony STR DG720 and I’m using HDMI cables. I tried hooking the PS3 directly to the TV and noticed the same issue. I don’t have cable so I don’t know if this effects regular TV.

That’s a strange issue. You should try to use a different source other than the PS3, to see if you’re getting the same waxy image.

You can try doing a hard reset on your PS3. Hold the power button down for (10 seconds I think) when you power it on and it will revert to factory setting for video and audio settings. From there select 1080p only. I had a friend who had a TV that would give a double image if he selected more than just 1080P.

Let me know if that fixes your issue.

It isn’t a strange issue. What’s happening is your TV is doing a bad job at scaling the image, causing blurriness. The PS3 won’t scale games, so in turn, your TV has to do the work. It’s scaling a 720p (and the game will scale a sub-720p resolution to 720p when the engine is under heavy load) image to 1080p, and this is what’s causing the blurriness. It will also introduce extra input lag from the extra image processing.

TV’s these days suck with their shitty native resolutions and awful scaling technology and tons of post-filter crap. Why can’t companies just make TV’s with a 65k white level, 2.2 gamma, and proper color gamut? That’s all a TV needs, it doesn’t need any extra crap. Aargh!!!

Following up on this: You could check the options of your TV and try turning off upscaling if available, and letting your AVR do the scaling for you and see if it does a better job at it. Either way, any form of image post-processing will add input delay to your game.

I have a GT50, which I’m pretty sure is the same scaling chips as your ST50. Everything is crispy clear with mine. I’d call Panasonic and have it in for repair.