Way of doing Vipers Seismo to BK..?

Okay iā€™m debating which method of Vipers Siesmo to BK to use:

C.Viper facing to the right:

-Seismo :dp::lp::mp: -> then jump motion :d::uf:-> to Burning Kick :d::db::b::hk:


-Seismo :dp::lp::mp: -> then Tiger Knee motion Burning Kick :d::db::b::ub::u::uf::hk:

Please tell me which method you Viper players use. Thanks!

-Seismo :dp::lp::mp: -> then jump motion :d::uf:-> to Burning Kick :d::db::b::hk: :wink:

I tried the other method, it just messes up the direction I want to jump. Better to get your thumb/hands fast and do it the way Johnnycan says

2 things:

1- In most scenarios for seismo I use input shortcuts. Usually forward, down-forward, forward. This way I can quickly do the input while walking forward.

2- How do you write those graphic input notations in the forums?


Mouseover them, the stuff with colons is the way. :hk: = : hk : (without spaces)

latif actually does all instant bks (in combo or not) with this method:
Its like a rolling motion to one side and then back again. I dont really use it, just found it noteworthy that latif is doing his bks with a method almos nobody else uses.

This is how I do it, as demonstrated in this video.