Way of Hadoken: v-trigger hado spam

We gotta find the way of the hado.

Nail 'em with one EX v-trigger hado unblockable, and they’ll try jumping immediately the next time around. But you release it immediately this time, and get them as they try to jump.

This is the way of the hado.

And if they just relax in their own area and aim to just jump over them, you get space handed to you, so you can move forward, and be creative about how you’re going to make damage if they’re not so susceptible to eating fireballs.

Best use I’ve found for VT Hado is the s.MP, s.MPxxFP block chain. Either release it immediately or charge for a split second then release. Catches a lot of players trying to jump, but other than that, only real use I’ve found is trying to time a fully charged Hado to hit them on wake up.

Same here. Blocked st.hp to EX is pretty good too

I hope all agree his VT EX are the best projectiles in the game as they’re fast, always 3-hits and potentially unblockable with less than 2 secs of charge, but they’re not cheap.

This may help.

While I agree VT EX projectiles are the best in the game, their cost is just WAY too great. You’re almost always better off using those resources elsewhere or far earlier. Ryu just doesn’t get the same bang for his buck with is resources that someone like Laura or Balrog gets sadly.

From what I’ve seen with all VT Denjin / charged FB setups, they just aren’t going to work against any remotely competent player. When they see you charging a FB like that, the only way you’re getting anything off it is if they don’t have resources or they will just not tech. More often than not, if you’re capable of holding your resources like that AND pushing someone into the corner, you’re probably just that much stronger of a player than your opponent that these setups aren’t really worth it.

That’s really been what I’ve seen with Ryu TBH, a lot of his “tech” only works if your just a vastly superior player, which means it’s not really useful anyways then.

This is a pretty hardcore setup. I would love to see it in a tournament.

After an anti-air you’re normally guaranteed a fireball, so you can mix up this one with a charged EX or something.

The huge problem is non-projectile characters all having invulnerable reversals though, for sure…

But an immediately released EX is so fuckin’ fast though, it can catch people at mid-screen even, while inputting their counter or something.

But I just tested it and Cammy’s EX arrow thing is frame 1-invulnerable to projectiles, and so is Alex’s EX head stomp etc., so it’s a little total bullshit… She not only has her shoryu reversal EX but also hado-invulnerable EX reversal :lol:

Same with Laura, Bison, Juri, Vega, Kolin, and Fang sort of… The rest I don’t think so.

Having said that, if you have full super and v-trigger, it might be better to go with 3 EX denjins rather than 1 super - it puts really a lot of pressure on the opponent too, I mean unless the super itself would win the round of course.

You can slam all 3 of these EX denjins one after another on the opponent in the corner or just about anywhere and they damn near won’t have time to input any counter before they hit.

You get “three cards to play” instead of just one, and Balrog-level pressure, in my opinion.

Also, anti-air normal like st.hk to activate to hado…

I’ve been using the first hit of B.RH into charged ex fireballs. The advantage when you cancel from B.RH is huge so you can get a significant charge before they can do anything. You can release it early to counter any pokes or fully charge it to crush guard. It loses to reversals and v reversal but it’s pretty useful imo.

Also the 2nd hit of B.rh (far range) into a lightly charged fireball is pretty good. If they are jump happy you can get blown up but I think it’s pretty useful.

Yeah, the EXs charge before you can even blink.

I think it works well to make lvl.2s your primary and mixing it up with lvl.1s and EX lvl.3s.

I’ve gotten near dizzies from fullscreen because they try jumping over fast lvl.1s :punch:

I’ve really been opting to save my meter until I have v trigger. I feel like it’s ryu’s best bet at playing sfv. In a lot of cases ryu’s pressure just pushes people out of range when mid screen so I feel my best bet is to show I’m willing to full charge EX fireball off of canceled normals up close in order to keep things ambiguous. If I get them to the corner than I have more to work with due to less pushback. I’ve been a bit more successful trying to really just go ham when I activate.