Way to difficult for a somewhat beginner


So when I made the decision not to get this game it was because of my memories of competitively playing fighting games and just when I thought I was good I got destroyed by a button masher. So fast forward to this weekend I decided to go to a MvC3 tourney for fun. I lose (as expected) but I leave with a copy of the game because I decided to give the genre another go. Now with the determination to finally succeed in a fighting game I spent the rest of this weekend practicing combo’s after choosing my team. Fast forward once more to tonight I decided that I was gonna try online. I go to player match and make sure it is set to my skill level when I start my match I immediately recognize my opponent as a button masher I had at first thought this a good thing, but I got pummeled the first match with an identical outcome the next three matches I back out and search for a new match I get another button masher so after a couple matches of trying, I exit. My Spirit at this point was beaten but not broken so I search again this time I get someone who is just plain better than me so I stay for a good ten matches and a couple times I come close, but no cigar! After exiting without a beaten spirit I search yet again hoping to find someone of equal skill. I couldn’t tell if my opponent was button mashing or not, but none the less I got destroyed. Afterwards I went back to practice mode deciding I just wasn’t there yet after about ten minuets I shut off my box bored out of my mind. is this normal? Has everyone gone through this or am I exceptionally bad? please help. All advice appreciated!


I dont think this is something most of us go through.
Honestly I love fighting games so much that it doesnt matter if I win or lose, I just want to play.
And so long as I know there is something else for me to master then I will never be bored with it.

I just think that you dont like fighting games, enuf to work through all the issues you’ll face becoming a competant player.

Good Luck


Your problem is you are practicing combos and should be practicing more important aspects of the game like the basic fundamentals of spacing and punishing. Combos should happen naturally as a result to solid game play… they whole point of a match shouldn’t be to focus hard and trying to land a combo because you will probably rarely win with this approach.


Just because you can land combos on a training dummy does not mean you will be able to do anything in a real game.

The fact that you claim you lost to “button mashers” tells me that you are not ready to play this game competitively.

Get the platinum trophy if you want and trade it in.


I was just like you, until I realized that spacing and punishing is very important in this game, even though the netcode sucks ass in this game.

Don’t give up-that’s the best advice I would give you.


Well first off, what’s your team? I know some people claim you can win with any character in the game, but it’s more about team synergy rather than individual power. It’s about having complementary assists and good DHC power to have a good team.


Helps to know the characters as well, and how to beat them. Just because you played 1 weekend of the game, doesn’t mean you already have the ability and or right to go online and just start beating random people. You should also mention who your team is, team synergy is a big thing. I’ve been playing fighting games all my life, so I can generally pick up ANY 2-D or 3-D fighter and do pretty damn good, but even then it takes awhile to get used to the game. Don’t get dis-couraged, keep practicing, or if you flat out don’t like it, get rid of it. Also, online is a whole different beast altogether.


that makes since I shouldn’t be focusing so much on combo’s thanks for the advice NissanZaxima and masamun0. O and Mr.Nannie I’m not frustrated because I keep losing I was frustrated because I didn’t feel like I was making any progress. thanks again it’s much appreciated!


To not practice combos in MvC3 does sound a bit silly. In Street Fighter is understandable, but so much of this game is about combos, where past the very basics of basics the only thing that makes the top crowd stand out is their ability to create and make the most out of every opening, and save for a be that every letter of the word combo.

You need muscle memory, and bread and butters. A basic, go to, easy to execute move that you can do at a moments notice and then a way to practically apply it in the middle of a match. Did they just fuck up the combo? Do it. Are they not blocking at all? Do it. Are they being too agrresive? Do it on the training dummy, do it on your friends, do it against the computer on normal, on hardest, on whatever, then go online and do it there.

“Shit happens” in Marvel, you might have practiced team synergy and spacing and shit, but thats obvious. Even more so is the fact that you might learn proper spacing against this particular form of Dante/Sentinel/Iron Man, but they might mix it up and come at you completely different.

I’m not saying all you need is combos to play this game, but to do it well past the most fundamental level (Block, dodge throws, spacing, zoning, rushing, and Advancing guard) you need to learn how to open your opponent up, and then make the most out of it. Cause there isn’t a team in this game designed to work with one third or two thirds of itself missing.

You can take this post completely the wrong way, but I bet you way more players have clocked in more training mode time then Versus and Online, and I bet its not just to practice spacing and zoning. It’s to learn the characters and learn how to use their movesets to get the most out of every opening.




I can’t believe it took 10 posts.


I just won my first match thanks to me not focusing so much on combo’s it was easy especially since I noticed my opponent never blocked I would jump around and do a combo that I knew really well thanks to all my practicing! thanks I think we can consider this thread closed!


Everyone starts off bad at fighting games.

I had to play various fighters online for months just to learn the general flow of fighting games.

I imagine that’s your problem right now, you are playing against people with months of fighting game experience from previous online fighters, with none yourself.

You need to play until special moves are not special, until you can immediately recognize what character X’s gameplan is, and where the openings might be.

In all honesty, combo practice isn’t that important for a beginner. You probably only need to know the basic ABCD -> air ABCD, and some basic short combo that leads into a super. You won’t be comfortable enough in a match to reliably do these I bet, until you’ve played a bunch and are comfortable attacking.

Basically, just play, and don’t care about losing. You will lose. A lot. Hundreds, if not thousands of times. You will get better if you keep at it, and you will be better at every fighting game to come because so much of the skills will stick with you.


Well, that’s it, next world champ right here… No seriously, outside of the great advice already posted, just keep at it, watch lots of match footage, as much as you can, cram it all in there. There more you learn about how other people play the game the better you can adopt a playing style that will at least put you on the right path.


i cant believe it only took the guy who, in the most genuinely sincere way, wrote these words

Look, wanky, again, if you consider what you just quoted, you have your rebuttal.

You said it yourself: SF2 was not made to be “strictly” competitive. It was a commodity, like any other corporate product. By and large, most games - “games” not just as in “video games”, but in the broadest sense - aren’t created with tournament play in mind. It takes a pool of players with a competitive disposition to make anything competitive. Video game developers catering to tournament crowds is a fairly recent phenomenon. We’re talking like, the passed two years starting with SF4. People that don’t think Capcom were attempting to make their games “more accessible” since SF2 are only fooling themselves. SF4 is just the apotheosis of a trend Capcom initiated since Super Turbo. Marvel 2 is a perfect example of a game having a rich competitive history, despite initial concerns of it being “too accessible”. Marvel 3, will indeed be another example.

Yes, Melee catered to BOTH crowds. Melee was about as accessible as a fighting game could GET. It’s also one of the fastest, most substantial fighting games out there in SPITE of its accessibility. The fact that a minority of players would spend extravagant amounts of money on travel expenses, tournament organizing, controllers and Gamecubes over the span of nearly a 8 years never stopped the uninitiated from enjoying the game the “way it was meant to be played”. It’s like saying people stopped playing basketball casually, because of the NBA. What is Sakurai’s grounds for correlation?

Obviously, I’m very emotional about this subject. The Melee community at large has every right to be. People’s condemning of this emotional response is the perfect case of lacking sympathy - you don’t sense the suffering, simply because you can’t understand it. The same way a person may look onward as he steps on a lineage of ants on the sidewalk, because those ant’s suffering are simply too distant from his senses. This might be because you hate Smash. This might be because you hate Smash players. I don’t care anymore.

All I know is; a lot of players invested a lot of time, money and emotional energy into this game for a VERY long time. I was one of them. Our efforts kept Smash RELEVANT for 8 years. I’m not saying these efforts are the reason Brawl sold a trillion copies - but it certainly didn’t hurt. In regards to corporate interests, you would think that accounts for something. To Nintendo it doesn’t. I find that insulting. Nintendo has expressed a lack of interest in my interests, so I now have a lack of interest in Nintendo. I’ve moved on.

The situation is not about a sense of entitlement but an expressed rejection of my subjective experience. I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t feel upset about that. Especially if much time and energy were invested in it.




Why are people answering to someone with a reference to SB in his nickname :confused:


he seems like a well-intentioned player who wants to improve so hes ok in my book.


I pick this game up on friday and just went to mission mode to get the basic combos then took it to arcade mode to play the AI. when i was able to beat it on hard I was ready for online.


Why this kind of shit talk is still tolerated, I have no idea. Were this Tech Talk, I’d have infracted this shit right then and there.