Way to get ps2 and computer working on same PC speaker system?


is there a splitter or somthing i could buy?

you can buy an adapter such as rca female to rca female…then get a 1/8" male stereo to rca male cord…and plug the 1/8" into the mic input of your computer…thats one way…

There probably is, but you’re going to need to provide more information. What kind of amp/speakers are you using? Does it have RCA in, or is it a mini-jack in type computer speaker system?

If it has RCA ins, you can just get two mono splitters, and hook them up that way. Make sure everything is plugged into the same outlet, or you could get some ground hum.

just the mini jack… it’s a crappy pair of 10$ speakers.

and i wont be using RCA… it will need to be another mini jack (dunno where to get one of these that is male on both ends)

Get one of these for the PS2. This is intended to split one signal to two headphones, but it ought to work in reverse. It seems stereo. You would plug the minijack out from the computer and the minjack end of the y-adapter to this, then plug the male minijack into the cheap computer speakers.

…or just buy decent, multi input speakers.
Sony Sava-7 anyone?

i think i might have to do this

male to male cables from my computer to a y adapter
male end of y adapter goes to female to female adapter
speakers plug into other end of female to female adapter