Way to view threads I've been active in?

Is there a way to view all new posts in a thread I’ve been posting in, or view all of the threads I’ve been active in? Searching through all the forums to get to one thread for this purpose can be a bit tedious and I’ve been wondering if there’s a way to make this process easier.

Well someone else might have better suggestion but this is what I do

To see the threads you have posted in go to:

Your Profile> Go to “Find All Post”

To go to the threads you been active in go to:

Any thread you been going to>Look for thread tools at the top>click “Subscribe to this Thread”


Go to Settings at the top of the page>My Subscriptions

go to Settings at the top

scroll down to General Settings

you’ll see “Default Thread Subscription Mode:”

choose “Through my control panel only”

now every thread you post in will be added to your subscriptions

once you do this, you can just go to “Settings” any time and your active threads will pop up.

if you don’t see a thread you’re looking for, go to “list subscriptions” and it will be in there

Haha, I actually noticed the subscribe feature a few minutes after posting this thread. Thanks a lot for the replies though, this will make it a lot easier.

You can also just bookmark the threads you’ve posted in. Works just fine.