Way too many sticky threads in the character subforums


Ever wonder why these forums eventually go inactive? well some reasons I can think of:
[] way too many sticky threads.
] outdated information are not deleted.
[*] no one really update the first post of a thread.

I have sent an email to apply to be a mod but no answer so far. Does anyone even give a crap about these forums???


Could you clarify specifics here?

  1. Way too many sticky threads --> the inactive ones don’t get drown out and just take up space for no useful reason.
  2. Many outdated posts (tech from previous versions etc.) don’t get deleted and clog up space.
  3. Well I guess this is just one of the problems from point 2.


Can you point me to specifics? I cleaned up the SF5 subforums recently.


I don’t see these things as issues. But since you got Preppy’s attention with this thread, I’ll give my 2 cents on what is wrong with the forum layout…

It’s unorganized. All of the Street Fighter forums should be in one spot, and the same for all the versus games forums. There could be another one for air dashers, and then another for everything else that just doesn’t fit. Right now they have SFV at the top away from all other SF games, and 3rd strike has it’s own category as well while all other SF games are lumped together with a bunch of other games(including USF4, which is odd because it’s still pretty active). Same goes for MvC:I and the other Marvel games.

And then you have online forums and Xbox live being separate when XBL should be a sub of the Online forum. One of the subs is still called GGPO when it should be Fightcade. Another is called Wii online network when it should just be “Nintendo online network.”

It’s clear that someone just decided to put the most active or relevant forums at the top for convenience, but it just looks really unorganized.

If I were to do a new layout, it would be something like this:

-Newbies Start Here- (at the very top, away from everything else so it’s the first thing newcomers see)

New player introduction

Newbie Saikyo Dojo

-General Discussions-

Fighting game Discussion

General Discussion

Tech Talk

-Street Fighter-





All other SF Games

-Capcom VS Games-




MvC and all other Marvel games
-SF vs X-Men

All other Capcom Versus games

-Air Dashers-

Guilty Gear


All Other Airdashers
…(and so on)

-Various other Fighters-







Everything else


-Nintendo Network

…(and so on)



Other Events

Tournament Results

Domination 101(not sure of the actual point of this sub, but I’m assuming it’s a tournament general chat)

-Media Outlet-

Fan Art

Street Writer

Fan Fiction

…(and so on)


Trading Outlet

SRK Feedback

I think that would be more organised and make it easier for newcomers to navigate the site. Maybe the trading outlet is better towards the top, so that could be adjusted as needed.


I did a couple of those things. SF5 and MVC:I are a little more featured: how that is being done might change in the future.


Nice. I understand about those games being featured. Could you please update the GGPO forum name and description to Fightcade? Fightcade replaced GGPO a few years ago. I know that forum doesn’t get used a lot, but it would be nice for visibility sake. I just made an extensive thread there in order to hopefully help out newcomers who might want to try it out. There is a big update coming out for it soon too, so maybe that will get some attention.


Updated. :tup: