Ways around rc


I finally got to play someone who rc’s.i didn’t know what to expect.so I just got to know whats the best way around someone who can rc.also this guy can can control the space around him like it ain’t sh*t.help anyone???


Depends what kinds of rc he’s doing. If he’s countering you with rc, then you should have more patience. If he’s attacking you with random rc, he’s scrub and you should block and do whatever. rc has basically the same recoveries, you know.

Known counter to most attack rc(i.e. not blanka hop) = geese and hibiki counter, or another rc, or most throws


There are no ways around it. You just have to be more careful not to do moves that you would usually do, since he can blow through your moves. K and P (JD and Parry) is not going Around RC since you still have to be careful when you DO your moves.

Oh wait, I’m wrong. There is a way around RC . RC him back.


Fighting RC Sakura:

There’s been a really bad influx of Sakura RC scrubs lately. She’s been my favorite character since the game first came out, but because of all the bad players picking her now, it makes me want to stop using her. [/bitching and moaning]

Anyway, when scrub Sakura does RC hurricane from equal to or greater than half screen away, roll through, and combo her up the back. C-Sagat can do roll, free s.LP, s.LP xx level 2 for example.

You can jump in for a free combo when she attacks you with random RC fireball (when she should be pressing far s.HK). If she’s still not smart enough to pay attention to her distances, and is determined to RC you to death, jump kick her again!

If scrub Sak tries to bait you with whiff dive kick, then RC, keep in mind where the only time this is a threat is at the distance where Sagat can Tiger Uppercut the dive kick for free anyway.


Hey kcxj, I tried your anti-RC Sakura strategy with my P-Dhalsim and it doesn’t work at all! :mad:


If its careless RCing, jump straight up. You really can’t be predictable in your attack strings because they can just RC through it.


Therein lies your problem. Parry that shit


exactly, don’t be predictable.


yea i’ve tried not being predictible but some way or another my opponent gets me trapped in the corner.most of the time i can fight my way out of the corner.also his set ups are fucking crazy & sometime i wonder how he can set me up like that,so I tend to freeze up when that happens.his blanka & sagat give me the most trouble.even when i can get my just defense working correctly he just keeps coming even harder.any more advice???


Easier said than done.


alpha counter?


whats alpha counter???


put yourself in a situation where it would normally bait you too eat it.


When you are in C, A, S, N grooves you are able to counter attack while you enemy is attacking you.

To preform an alpha counter(or called guard counter) you press forward(on directional pad)+strong(medium punch)+foward(medium kick) while your enemy is attacking you. But you must be in block stun for an alpha counter to occur. If you are getting hit and your aren’t blocking you can’t alpha counter.

It takes up a level of your super bar and decreases your guard meter as well.

Can be used to get out of sticky situations like when you are pinned in the corner by a opponent bombarding you with attacks.

There are many ways to use alpha counters to your benefit. But make sure you use them wisely. You don’t want to get baited then guard crushed.




thanks for the advice.any ideas or advice for k-groove???


to r2d2: learn to jd well and learn what not to jd. practice throwing characters like blanka out of rc electricity. that will save you a million times over from taking unnecessary chip damage.

try baiting out rc’s and punish. that works especially well against sakura. rc hurricane kick and fireball are very punishable.

btw, what specific moves and characters are you having trouble against? it’ll make it much easier to give strats you can apply specifically for your problem.


well mainly the guy that uses rc plays with sagat,blanka,honda,ryu,cammy & whatever other character he can play with & he uses c-groove.every now & then he can catch me with a leve 2 cancel.


i need you to be a bit more specific. what rc’s are you having the most trouble against? also, i need to know who you use. who you use will probably dictate what you use to retaliate.


well mostly I cant tell if he is rcing or just a regular roll.most of the time he can get me trapped into a corner & if hes playing as Honda hell do that attack he hell go straight up then sits on me. most of the time I can justdefend the attacks that Im receiving when Im in the corner. But when there is distance between us hell start to use his medium & light punch charge attack with blanka & honda.there are times when he catches me with the different mix ups of punches & if that doesnt work hell do a charge attack with blanka & use the light punch & right after he lands he go right into a rc. From there hell either do blankas electricity or his electricity super same goes. Honda doesnt give me much trouble, I noticed that he hates it when I jump up at him & attack him. I tried that for a while & I quit using that tactic before he noticed what I was doing. Now his sagat is the one that gives me the most problem. With his sagat hell play him in defense for about 15 seconds then hell hit me with an onslaught of offense. Hell rc at me either do a tiger shot or a tiger knee. hes feeling froggy then hell do different cross ups or hell just keep trying to set me up with something & if he thinks that Im not paying attention hell work my defense till I get guard crushed then hell go into a level 2 cancel with his sagat. also I noticed that hell work my characters with his sagat the most & his blanka lets just say it all depends on his mood on how bad he wants to punish me. I can get past two of characters if I really concentrate & if I can get my just defense working. well the team I use is rugal,sagat,blanka thats my main team. also I use my blanka at level 2 & I use him as my last character. at times I try to practice with ryu,guile,zangeif,geese. My rugal I use him as a offense & defense character, my sagat is mostly defense until I see a opening but even then I play it safe, my blanka is mostly my offense character & I can pretty much even the odds when Im down to my last character & my opponent has 2 or 3 left. I can have a lot of people playing a guessing game when I play as blanka & it gets pretty damn close when its down to our last characters. but for some reason I have this feeling of that I know I can win but yet I hold back. any reason on that??? well I hoped that answered your question.


wow. long post. :lol: i’m going to answer your questions in a general sense because you aren’t saying a specific match up. for instance, rugal vs blanka. also, i’m assuming he can rc consistently. this will still be useful though.

the most important thing to understand is most of the time, rc’s will really annoy you if you get predictable. for example, if he keeps hitting you with a rc blanka ball when you’re trying to pressure him, he knows what you’re going to do. he’s basically substituting a rc for a psychic dp. if you block it, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to retaliate. rc doesn’t last forever. the first thing you need to learn is when the rc invincibility wears off. once you’ve got that down, you’ll know when and if you’ll be able to punish with a super or whatever. as for rc electricity, it’s pretty tough to fight against. if he’s chipping you with it after a knockdown, always keep in mind that you can grab him out of it. you’ll eat it 20 times before you can do it consistently, but understand, it will save you a million times over. lots of people use rc elec as a wake up to stop a high/low mix up. once they see you have the timing to grab them out of it, you’ll see how quickly their tactic will change. also, think of rc elec like a dp. it will beat all your pokes. don’t be predictable!

against honda, you have a serious problem. if he’s turtling, i suggest turtling back. and don’t jump in all the time! lp headbutt will fuck you up. as for rc hands, i hate it. it’s like the perfect move against k. basically, either learn to jd it pretty well or expect to lose a lot of life.