Ways I should get better

So I thought I was getting better with sakura/chun-li, and I got to C rank for my sakura and i started getting bent over every match. So, I went to the Sakura section to try to learn some sakura techniques and all the stickies are WAY over my head. I understand I’m noob, but how should I start getting better with sakura? I just kinda jump around and do whatever feels natural when I play. But, I understand that there’s like 5 move combinations that I should be doing, but I don’t know those.

  1. Where do I learn good character combinations?
  2. What should I be doing to get better?
  3. Since I’m pretty noob at this point, should I not be worrying about advanced techniques and just play?
  4. Where’s a good place to watch character tutorial vids? I went to the media section on SRK and it’s like the search doesnt work at all, so what’s a good site for char tuts?
    Thanks in advance

Also, what’s a FADC? I saw it connected to Ryu

Umm, have you tried checking the character boards…

Like I said, those are pretty advanced for me…I was just wondering some steps that I should be doing to improve my game now.

Option-Select has some good character vids, I’m not sure if Sakura is covered. Honestly you can just YouTube it.


Watch the first 9 videos in there by TBird.

Do you know how to mixup after ur ex tatsu?
do u know how to combp into ur ex tatsu?
do you know how to combo?

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Hi Spade,

If you head to my youtube page (YouTube - ByeBiSF4’s Channel) and look at the playlist section there is a playlist called “General Training Videos.” These are all basically introductions to Street Fighter and other 2D fighting games. If you watch the first few (they’re in order) you should get an idea about things like FADC, block strings, etc.

I also play Sakura (pretty badly, mind you). Check out the “Sakura Training Vids” playlist. Again in order, these are a whole heap of Sakura Introductions and combo videos other people have made. Finally, there’s a playlist called “Great Sakuras” which is a whole heap of good Sakura fights by some of the top players.

Good luck with it.

Start off by not doing that.

This x ?

I force myself on some games to just literally not jump ever. Not over a projectile, not over an ultra, or to try to start a jump-in combo. Obviously I expect to lose these matches but you’d be surprised at how much you can punish jump-happy players! Once you get over the anxiety of feeling that you need to jump everywhere, you can incorporate it into your normal game play and you should notice an increase in wins