Ways of thinking, read if you a noobie


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Something I’ve been pondering on recently is how to “train” myself to think during matches, my execution isn’t bad - I play to my level as it were. I’m told I have a reasonable footsie game, and against similar level players I hold my own. But what I’ve realised playing some of the slightly (and much) better players at my local, is that I don’t “think” during matches. I can watch other people play, or watch YouTube videos, and spot that someone is becoming predictable, that they always DP after such and such or whatever. But I never think like that in my matches, I just kind of react to what they do - which in turn makes me more predictable opening me up for nasty reads.

But I’ve no idea how to go from being able to spot those trends in videos, to being able to do it while playing. I’m not a new player, I’ve been playing for years, but its only really just dawned on me what is stopping me from progressing. Everyone calls it chess or as in this post action chess. And says that it is all about the mind games etc. But I think I play with my brain turned off xD


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