Ways to combo into cr.HP?



Anyone knows of any ways to combo into cr.HP? ( not out of air, but just on ground )


Level 3 Focus > Cr. Hp


Also Tanden Engine, that’s it I think.


Yeah you’re better off using st.HP, same damage, easier to combo into.


I see, but after cr.HP I can combo into single shoryuken > medium kicks in air.


If Seth could combo into cr.HP reliably he’d probably be a little too good lol

FA2/3 crumple ~ dash cancel forward ~ LP Tanden ~ cr.HP
(About half way) LP Tanden (best to learn to react to this as you can do big damage + reset on bad footsies)
deep j.HK (cross up or not)
Sonic Boom xx FADC, cr.HP with certain spacing on characters as wide as shotos (ie cr.LK, cst.HP xx HP Boom xx FADC… or cr.LK, cr.LP, cst.HP xx HP Boom xx FADC…)


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The most reliable way to combo into Crouching Fierce is Sonic Boom xx Lv 2 Focus xx Dash Forward, Tanden (not necessary), Crouch Fierce.


If you’ve got two meters to burn, I think j.MP EX Tanden cr.HP works


j.mp EX tanden works but only if you’re falling when you j.mp.

On characters cl.mp cl.hp works on, tanden cl.mp cl.hp xx lp sonic boom (doesn’t matter usually what version but lp is best) FADC cr.hp xx mp srk x2 -> stomps. You can ultra there too instead of cr.hp (either one works). Just to give you an idea of the frame advantage on that particular FADC

SRK FADC EX Tanden- hard to input correctly but it is consistent if you get it. You can actually get a dash under EX Tanden and it looks really cool.
EX SRK EX Tanden
Off a jump-in if you know it’s going to hit (walljump over fireball)
cl.hp/cr.mk xx lp sonic boom xx level 2 focus attack -> cr.hp

Think of Seth’s cr.hp like Ryu’s f.hp: It’s not really used besides punish situations but when it hits it fucking hurts.

Of course Seth’s damage is worse than Ryu’s midscreen but relative to his ‘normal’ damage the analogy still holds.


Meaty J.HP/J.HK will do the job.


Oh also:

st.HP xx Sonic Boom FADC cr.HP

I think it’s a 1f


That is spacing specific. You can’t just do it raw.


What’s the trick to it? I’ve only done it randomly when I messed up st.HP xx Sonic Boom FADC st.HP xx Sonic (by doing the QCF too early).


It requires that you combo into Sonic Boom from farther away than normal, causing the Sonic Boom to hit on a later active frame and give more frame advantage than normal.


cr.HP has more restrictions that makes it less justifiable to use than close HP.

I dig it in these scenarios, but keep in mind, I haven’t played competitively in over a year:

-After Stun
-After Meaty Tanden
-Jump-in HK on shorter characters (I.E. Sagat, HK him in the face, he’ll recover almost the same time you do from the jump-in)
-Focus Crumple
-Ex Tanden

I wish cr.HP was just a couple frames faster, then I would be using it as a seriously fun AA.


J.HK, st.HP xx lp.SB fadc cr.hp U1 works every time for 461 dmg
but it’s not really worth the 2 meters comparing it to the normal st.HP, Hyakuetsukyaku ender for 390 dmg,
considering that your wasting a defensive tool for 71 dmg (at least if you can’t count the damage to that gap needed to kill your opp)
cr.LP,cl.st.MP xx lp.SB fadc works too because the st.MP’s pushback leaves you at the right distance
(also works with cr.LP,cr.LP,cl.st.MP but you need to use tanden engine and hp.SB here or it won’t link)
not realy practical as well if you’re not hitconfirming into U1 or want to do a corner reset after the cr.HP with a cl.st.LP dash under.
(i’m not really sure if st.HP xx SB is totally bound to a specific spacing because it sometimes works after canceling the SB at the earliest
time possible even at close range or after cr.LP,s.HP, but even then it’s a tough link and at further range the link gets far more easy to connect)

edit: full U1 for 461 dmg!