Ways to Connect Deadly Rave Neo?

i’m ready to bust this super for asthetic reasons. I need some ways to connection deadly rave neo from a combo or what-have-you.

i use K-Groove, btw.

Close mk/hp/hk xx Neo Deadly Rave.

Have fun.

There’s alse the totally impractical method of firing off a weak reppuken at full screen then running after it with the Rave.

at 3/4 distance, dont have to be full screen, u can do any reppuken and if they get hit it should connect but u have to do it before it hits and that wont happen unless of course the obvious…

im not sure about this question… what do u mean connect?
cuz u can get it after damn near any jump-in. u can get it after little comboes like

3x c.lp or c.lk xx deadly rave (standing 3x lp works as well)

u can c.lk or c.lp xx s.fierce xx deadly rave

u can c. mk xx deadly rave

u can 2x c.lp or c.lk, c.mk xx deadly rave

standing any button (close or far) xx deadly rave

u can do a gaurd crush (prefferably) with s.fierce or s.fh xx deadly rave shit u can even sweep xx deadly rave

all this shit works in any groove.

and if ur badass enough (which mean that ur a cocky bastard like me) u can c.lk, c.lp, s.mp, xx deadly rave
… but its not really worth it because that shit is really hard to do…

i hope i answered ur question…

why dont all u new players check out the old threads? there is alot of really good shit there that explain everything that u might want to make a thread about…

A little late…

The Deadly Rave Neo is more of a ‘combo me’ super. It can work as an anti-projectile super but Shine Knuckle does a better job of that. Whiffing a Hard Edge and then trying it might work once or twice, at least that works with CC setups. Low jump roundhouse into DRN works fine, although I think low jump forward into Shine Knuckle is better since it can be done from half screen away. And of course don’t forget about guard breaks after a Hard Edge or close projectile.

I know this is scrubby but DRN is a good wakeup super (oxymoron) and is a lot safer than Shine Knuckle in general. Not only that, if they end up blocking DRN you can try to salvage the meter waste by using it as a really expensive tick into command throw.

I think K-Rock is more about Shine Knuckle setups but thats what I got.

do small jump rh, deadly rave- safe,easy, effective

my 2nd choice for connecting it is do c.fwd xx deadly rave after you just defend some ‘safe’ moves.

if anything, i think it’s better if you try to 360, shine knuckle them. when you’re bar is near gone, then go for deadly rave tactics.

cr.mk (from max. range) xx lp.Hard-Edge
This is semi-safe. Sonic hurricane and other instant supers can punish you. You’ll be slightly open for a second and ppl will almost allways try to punish you. So yes… you guessed it… buffer a Deadly Rave and catch them with their limbs stuck out.

It’s worked a lot for me. Once you’re carrying a lvl3, and they’re used to it. You can do multiple cr.mk xx lp.Hard-Edge and guard crush before you Deadly Rave.

It’s not airtight, I know. I’m aware of the many ways to counter this. But it’s worked for me, and it’s nice to have.

come to think of it, you may want to think about using c.short,c.jab, c.fwd xx hardedge(lp version). if they block the hardedge(instead of getting hit by it stupidly), i guess you can try deadly rave, since if they try to punish you, they will just get fucked up. but once again, it’s one of those last resort tactics when your bar getting low.

Yep, sort of a once-in-a-blue-moon technique. Two light attacks from close up will put you in the right position, but if you’re that close you might want to try something else anyway.