Ways to deal with racism online?

Hey I was just wondering if anyone else here had encountered severe racism while using Dhalsim? I seem to get called a “Curry Munching C_nt”, “Dodgy Indian” and “Dirty Indian B_st_rd” very often in online games. It’s even worse when the other side has a voice microphone turned on, but often I just get messages sent to me via the network.

Does anyone else encounter this problem or have any advice on how to counter it?

Thanks :confused:

I would report them to PSN or XBL if I were you, other than that there is very little you can do if it is actually offending you other than to stop playing.

Online is full of immature idiots just learn to laugh it off

that’s easy, just don’t get offended by it. I couldn’t care what anyone said online, they’ve got nothing to base it on in any case

i take it as a compliment cause you probably beat there ass

go sim

It’s a sign you are kicking ass online, continue doing that. And don’t take any rage mail seriously when it comes to winning <__<.

It’s their way of saying adda boy :D. For real whats with people worry about others soo much these days. Be selfish screw other people (Literally if you feel its necessary) :wink:

Grow thicker skin? If people hate you, you must be doing something right.


take a picture and post it here

I agree, take pictures and post it and we can all laugh at the fool that you destroyed.


There’s also the option of mocking their lack of skill without remorse. That usually shuts them up.

Fourthed. Pictures are always funny.

But I think the BEST thing to do is just be glad that you’re not them. Lame-ass people always make me feel better about myself.

kind of off topic, but if you have a headset plugged in but your opponent doesn’t, can they hear anything u say? or does the voice chat only work with two headsets? cuz i find myself talking sooo much trash in matches - win or lose.

I got some bad news for ya…

I find alot of those remarks offensive especially cause i am indian bu usually i turn mic off wen im playing

forgive me if i dont know the workings of this system. i mean when i was playing left 4 dead prior to having a mic, i could hear what my teammates were saying on the tv so, jsut wondering if it works the same for ssf4. could u elaborate? idk about u but to me its much more fun to play when u get to communicate with the people u play with.

If you have a mic and the other doesnt your voice would go through the TV. It should work that way on all the games.

report it or learn to ignore it some people just like to make others feel bad if there going out of their way just to say random negative things then theyre trying to get you back for winning. Try to view online people as fake its a lot easier. They have issues and can only deal with them by sending hate mail for no reason. Btw they would probably never say that to your face so dont take it seriously. Dont worry so much especially since you cant change the situation and we all know worrying isnt going to help. Just take it as a compliment.

That’s a mere 3.5 hours for memphis, 7 hours for nashville. Sorry, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it, being in Nashville.

It’s best to laugh it off or just ignore it. There are so many haters online and most don’t give credit where credit is due. I never received such hate messages until I started to main Sim. At least its a good sign letting you know that you are owning ^^ even if its inappropriate of them.